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  1. buster40c

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    I need to buy some large pistol primers for 44spl.
    Online buying the freight and hazmat together cost more than the primers themselves so I am going to look local to buy them.
    I have only used CCI primers and I have had a few duds. I wonder what ya'll think about using Winchester primers. Are they better performing than CCI and do they have a harder primer than CCI uses? I don't want to have more duds because of light strikes on the harder primers. I see they cost about the same as CCI.
  2. MagBlackhawk

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    Not sure but I've been told that CCI primers are the hardest of all domestic primers.
    I stopped using Winchester primers after one burned thru it's cup then burned the bolt face of my M77.
    Federal maybe?

    I am just about out of the 5000 CCI small pistol primers I bought a while back.
    No duds so far.
    Are you positive you are seating them ALL the way down and firmly enough?

  3. buster40c

    buster40c Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't promise anything. LOL I usually try to make sure I give a hard push so they seat down. I usually run my finger across to make sure they are flush. Some took a second firing before they fired off. Some just remained duds. Out of over a thousand it was only a few though. They didn't look like light strikes either.
    I guess I am going to see what Academy has in stock. 10ring store in Houston is a bit high priced. He is cheaper than buying online though.
  4. Pancho_Villa

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    I use mostly CCi and Winch. Prefer the CCI in both rifle and pistol.. However, most of my pistol rounds are for revolvers. Only auto pistol round I reloaded was .45. Don't even load that one now.

    I had my old M77 pierce some CCI primers once. it was back in the late 70s when I got the gun and was really pushing it for velocity. So, it was probably my fault. I was trying to get .243 performance outta my .270 by using a 100 gr. bullet. All I was really doing was creating more muzzle blast and wasting powder. Some of my fired primers were even falling outta the primer pockets. Solved the problem by getting a .243.
  5. C. D. Bates

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  6. sfcgragg

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    I have used CCI exclusively, and have never had a problem. Are you sure you didn't seat them too deep when reloading?
  7. silveradoman59

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    I have been using CCI, Winchester and Remington and I haven't had any duds. I suspect you may not be seating the primers deep enough too. When I first started reloading years ago, I did have a few duds and found that that's exactly what the problem was after checking the depth.
  8. buster40c

    buster40c Well-Known Member

    I checked with Academy and they have CCI and Winchester for $3.99 per 100 pack. Maybe I will get 500 of each for comparison.
  9. kyhunter

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    I've been using Winchester primers large & small for both rifle and pistol for years without issue. Have been available in my area. No mis fires or hang fires. I continue to use them.
    Hope this helps.