Kudos to Ruger C.S.

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    After a few months of searching, I found a Ruger American Predator .204 in
    March at a gun show. Reasons for the Predator was reports of good accuracy
    at an inexpensive price. I needed a walk-around predator rifle, and all my
    other rifles are heavy caliber or varmint rifles weighing over ten pounds, even
    my heavy barreled T/C Tac20. Got a box of loaded Hornady 40gr Vmax, then
    proceeded to load up four different hand loads and went to the range.

    The best of five loads only got a 1 1/4" five shot group, the worst being about
    inches. This was done using a proven scope. The factory goo had been meticulously
    cleaned out of the bore. At first, I just chalked it up to a new, rough barrel. But back
    home, when the cases could be inspected in different light, a couple of marks half
    way around the radius had the appearance of case head separation. They were bad
    enough that a finger nail could be caught on them. Looking into the chamber through
    the magazine port (stock removed) I could see one of the gouge/ridges in the
    chamber. It appeared something got caught on a reamer and gouged the chamber wall.

    It was hard to explain that to the guy at CS who didn't even know what a reamer is
    used for, but he finally said to return it, and that it would probably take around four
    weeks........it came back in just two weeks.

    The work order stated that the barrel had been replaced. I found that hard to
    believe, so after cleaning, I shot it once before setting up with the scope. They had
    indeed replaced the barrel. Before reloading brass from the first barrel, I decided
    to see if they would fit in the new......NO GO! They won't even size in the Forster
    full length die. Measured them at the shoulder and they average .007 more than
    the spent case from the new chamber! The original chamber had more problems
    than realized. I'm hoping this new barrel proves to be much more accurate than the
    original. Haven't had the opportunity to get to the range yet.

    But thank-you to Ruger. They did what any company should do to make things right!
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    Im glad Ruger did the right thing by ya.
    They usually do.

    Let us know how it shoots now with the new barrel.


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    Question: was this a new gun?

    There's another question if it was...
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    "Question: was this a new gun?"

    Yes, NIB.
  5. DannoBoone

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    So, what was the other question?? :confused::confused::confused: