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Kill for the night!!! Really dumb!!!

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Well, had to take a break from posting just 15 minutes ago. Dogs were barking their "intruder in the yard bark." The LCR was nearby so I grabbed it and dropped it in my pocket. Grabbed teh HiPoint carbine with the light and laser attached and went to investigate.

All the dogs were barking at a thing by the road under their favorite oak tree. The motion lights were on it too. Looked like a javelina hunkered down in the grass by the tree. Didn't want to get too close cause it might be a skunk. Too dark and @ 25 yds away. All my animals were accounted for so I put the laser on it and popped an FMJ at it. It didn't move,but started bleeding heavy, kinda pouring out. Then the smell of gasoline hit me. What a dumb azz. I just killed my GAS CAN!!!!

I had left it there cause I had run outta gas @ 25 yds farther away and didn't want to walk all the way back. Well, at least I hit it high and only lost a little gas. At least I know my lazer is zeroed.
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So just an out of place gas can set off the alarms? That's an observant crew you've got there. Sled dogs would just pee on it and call it a day.
Well take this you pesky varmint gas can. LOL to funny. I bet you would have had to shake your pants out had the varmint exploded.
I saw my dog at the opening to the kitchen and he had his cautious focus on something. I expected maybe a spider or cockroach I sometimes see. It was an alligator. LOL well it looked like a miniature one at about 2 inches long. I figured since the dog was a little leery about it I better not mess with it. I saw this little gator on my bedroom wall the other day. So far it hasn't attacked me or the dog.
I decided no need to go get the revolver loaded with bird shot.


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Ive always wanted to shoot a can of gas.

Now I know, Ill stick to tannerite.


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Well, I'll be going to the eye doctor today to set an appointment for my next surgery on the left eye. Looks like i really need it :D
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