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My Kershaws....One folding speedsafe, it has a little flip button that's really cool Cutting mat Tartan Product Green Textile

Tartan Green Cutting mat Textile Sleeve

Tartan Green Textile Sleeve Beige

Tool Hand tool Kitchen utensil Wire stripper Cutting tool

Tool Wood Blade Hardwood Knife
, one fixed


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Kershaw Blackhorse- probably my sharpest from the factory.

Kershaw Survival.

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Watch out ... the Kershaw "Speed-Safe" models are addictive. My daughter and son-in-law were at a gun show and got me a a Ken Onion designed Chive for Father's Day present, after that I was hooked, after that I got the Leek , then the Scallion and then Shallot. Then I found they made other models with that neat one hand open-one hand close feature . I don't NEED any more knives but...... they are soooocool.
And sharp...they use a steel that is easy to sharpen and holds the edge. LOVE EM ALL.

Hi, my name is Gary and I'm an addict...
My first and only Kershaw. Blur Tanto . I know there will be more. I love this knife. Sleeve Publication Font Wood Eyewear

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I have three different Kershaw knives, and they are all excellent. Extremely sharp, and not that expensive.
I have black leek, plain chive, black out, blur , pink leek ( wife's ) , scallion, brawler, Cryo, half ton, an old Kershaw folder like a buck with leather case, shuffle and several others that I don't really use. I'm going to order a camp 10 and the bigger one.

I guess I really love Kershaws lol
I got a bunch of Kershaw knives:D Some of which I have never used:confused: They are a mix of fixed blade and folders:D

For most of my serious knife needs I use Kershaw, Gerber, or Ontario knives, I like these three brands best:D:D:D
Oooowwwwww very nice!
Thank you. BladeHQ has them at a tad over $50, which is more than $30 cheaper than Amazon.
My first and only Kershaw. Blur Tanto . I know there will be more. I love this knife. View attachment 3034

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A Blur with the tiger striped blade is my current EDC. Have a number of others as well. Bang for the buck is hard to beat.
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