Katrina Firearm disarm

Discussion in 'Second Amendment and Legal' started by LT2108, Jan 29, 2013.

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    I know a good bit about this because it's where I'm from. The police chief, Eddie Compass, stated on TV that he didn't care about the 2A he was going to take the guns. Police Chief Compass resigned shortly thereafter. He couldn't take the pressure. I believe the city just settled a suit to repay gun owners for their guns and the violation of their rights. The NRA brought the suit.

    I work for one of the cellular providers here and we were in the city restoring service the day after the storm. We had armed guards with us (we didn't tell them it wasn't necessary :D) that were from out of state. Many different LE departments from all over the country. (BTW, thank you to all who came and helped us out down here) I only had one incident where we were threatened but that was after the armed escorts were stopped. We had gone by one of my co-workers house's to gather up his guns so they wouldn't get stolen. We had them in the truck with us and were heading back to drop them off to him. There was literally no one on the road then except for one car in front of us. It wasn't a company vehicle and we thought it strange that they were out. We had to have a letter from the State Police to get through road blocks. Anyway, we got to a section of road with only one lane and no way around when they stopped their car and got out. We each grabbed a rifle, opened the doors and aimed at them. (They were loaded.) There were no words spoken. They quickly got in their car and left. If we hadn't been armed, I think we may well have been killed although it's just a gut feeling. No way to prove one way or the other.

    It was like Dodge city here for a while, though. To go through that unarmed would have made me very nervous.
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    Thoughts ?!

    Complete BS...
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    My thoughts, the police Chief was a fricken idiot and his MEN followed some illegal orders. I posted a thread on another site directly related to this point. AS a retired LEO and Military Vet, I asked fellow LEO's and Military if they would do this type of thing and specifically if they would fire on civilians. Obviously most said no and I believe them. Problem is when the adrenaline starts pumping!