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Let's remember man's best friend as a soldier.


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I have heard from various sources that many times the individual soldier who worked with these dogs in the field were not allowed to bring them home and keep them. I don't understand the thinking behind that. They have been through hell together both day and night, faced dangerous situations, slept together, ate together and were foxhole buddies. To have been a K-9 soldier and when I got discharged, they told me I couldn't keep my buddy, I would be furious. I think this is a travesty! It would be like loosing one of not only a pet but a fellow soldier, Marine, whatever the case.


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We left thousands of these hero dogs in Viet Nam. The tide has changed and with the generous donations from great people, many are now able to come back home with their handlers.

Military working dog & handler resources & support organizations

Links for additional resources (deployed military support, pet resources & adopting pets from Afghanistan & Iraq, military service dogs, therapy dogs & companion pets and books & movies about military working dogs) are all listed above.

Books about military working dogs (for adults & kids) - LINK

Scroll down to learn more about these resources:
Breeding program
Deployment support
Other resources and information


Department of Defense Military Working Dog School
Official adoption website of the DoD military working dog

The 341st Training Squadron provides trained military working dogs (MWDs) used in patrol, drug and explosive detection, and specialized mission functions for the Department of Defense (DoD) and other government agencies. Conduct operational training of MWD handlers and supervisors. Sustain DoD MWD program through logistical support, veterinary care, and research and development for security efforts worldwide.

Gizmo's Gift
Gizmos Gift is dedicated to helping our military working dog heroes. Our goal is to empower them to return to civilian life with dignity and independence.

Gizmo’s Gift was founded on 29 January 2014, after a push to get the military to reclassify Military Working Dogs (MWDs) from “excess equipment” to “K9 service Member of the Armed Forces” and to help get MWDs Medical Benefits after retirement. Gizmo’s Gift is a nonprofit organization that takes donations to help cover those medical costs after a MWD, CWD, and Police K9’s retire, so that tax dollars aren’t used. We also have an adoption program for those heroes who need help finding their forever home.

Mal-FFunctions Disqualified Military Working Dog Rescue
A Mal-FFunction is a Belgian Malinois bred for the U.S. Department of Defense Military Working Dog program managed out of Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland who is now available for adoption due to being disqualified from the program after its initial puppy fostering.

While these are generally high-energy dogs, in the right environment and home, these puppies can make wonderful additions to a family.

The Mal-FFunctions Disqualified Military Working Dog Rescue organization is a 501.(3)c organization established to serve as a resource for adopters of puppies and dogs disqualified from the MWD puppy program.

Our purposes are:
1. To provide support to DMWD's and their adopted families.
2. To rescue, foster and rehome DMWD's as needed
3. To provide resources such as owner education, assistance with dog training and veterinary care as well as an online community where owners can find support and encouragement from other DMWD owners.
4. To educate the public on the breeds used in this program and the requirements to successfully provide a home for a dog bred for work.
5. To partner with other NPO’s focused on Military Working Dogs and with local shelters.

Our organization is in no way affiliated with the US Military, the Dept. of Defense or the MWD Breeding program.

Military Working Dog Adoptions
This website has been established for the purpose of making the retiring military working dog adoption process easier for those interested in giving a forever home to a deserving Veteran!

Military Working Dog Foundation
The Military Working Dog Foundation was established to provide a resource of information to law enforcement agencies who have a requirement to obtain working dogs, as well as for the public who wish to adopt dogs that become available from the military and need a home.

Breeding program

DoD Military Working Dog Breeding Program (Lackland AFB)
Worldwide need for detection dogs has increased dramatically. The DoD Military Working Dog Breeding Program breeds to meet the growing requirement for security at home and abroad. A large part of the success of this program is dependent upon volunteers to provide temporary homes for developing puppies from 12 weeks to six months of age.

If you live within two hours of Lackland AFB near San Antonio you can help!

Deployment support

American Cold Nose Patriots (Coppell, TX)
American Cold Nose Patriots supplies mission critical gear to United States Military Working Dog Teams.

Battle Buddy Program (K9 Soldiers)
We receive emails weekly from troops stationed OCONUS requesting supplies and equipment for their K9s that cannot be easily or quickly obtained from the supply chain. We pride ourselves in shipping out the filled request within the same week.
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