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    The nonsense part is the media playing up anything to do with a gun, whether it's a 22 or 50 cal.
    Obama's puppets.:rotate:

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    Not gun violence_My Opinion.

    Although the anti-gunners will jump on this as another reason to ban guns, it is clearly NOT within the boundaries of their stated agenda. This was not gun violence. The problem here is a gun left out for a 5 year old kid to gain easy access to, along with its ammo. It may have been his rifle but he was not of the age of responsibility so IMHO he was not responsible. He can not own any gun until he is (usually 18) older.

    It is a parents responsibility to secure the gun away from kids who will probably make a mistake of some kind. The laws we have address this kind of a safety issue and the law did not work because the parent did not follow the rules. More strict laws will not work any better. In this case, find out who is at fault and arrest that person. In like manner, stricter laws cannot work any better against law abiding, rules enforcing adults because there will always be the possibility for an accident to happen. This was a preventable accident. Therefore someone must be held responsible.
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    There is stupid and there is stupid dangerous... This one falls under the second category. To me it's like a parent that leaves a small child in a car (With engine running) and either the car gets JACKED or the child throws it into gear and it crashes into store. There has got to be some supervision by an adult? Of course no one want to ban cars, but they want to ban guns. Liberals love to point at people's stupidity in order to enact a law (Case in point Michael "BLOOMIE" Bloomberg. When WE point out the absurdity of a NANNY STATE, they just don't get it .) It's an uphill battle. I guarantee, this story will get more press, than the Dr.GOSNELL Abortion Trial .
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    Who you gonna blame here?
    a 5 yr old, and a 2 yr old , for doing what kids do, Playing?

    The only partys involved here ,that are responsible for this tragedy, ARE the parents.

    Legal ramifications , may be an example to other STUPID parents, to think twice .