I've fired the .44 300gr Sierra

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    This is partly a report for "Magnum", who was interested in the 300gr bullet. I mentioned loading up some the other day, so this is a follow-up with repetition.

    I loaded up some 300gr Sierra jacketed softpoints ahead of 19 grains of H110 and CCI300 primers. Set the COAL at 1.710, which is at the leading edge of the cannelure - and too long for any rifle I know of. Fired a cylinder-full today in my Virginian Dragoon. No pressure signs, no problems at all except the usual one with 'warm' loads in the Virginian - the big knuckle on my middle finger gets jammed in recoil. If I had a Redhawk...

    Sierra says this bullet is designed specifically for .44 Magnum and .445 Super Magnum revolvers, and big game animals. Not enough expansion in deer-size animals, too much expansion in the .444.