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LCP 380 Max slide not locking to rear on empty mag: If you're experiencing the slide not locking the slide to the rear after "last round manually ejected" or "pulling slide to the rear with empty mag" during a function check. it may not be an issue. Let me explain, after a month or so my 10 and 12 round mags didn't easily lock the slide to the rear after manually ejecting last round or manually pulling slide rearward on an empty mag (as they did when new or when other new mags were tested). By the way, I do this as a standard function check after cleaning and/or as an occasional function check. I keep these mags loaded for daily carry so I assumed the mag spring needed a little stretch. That worked initially but failed after reloading the mag once. Started to think there was a mag manufacturing issue but not so fast. I remembered the 380 Max requiring extra slide force to manually eject a round, otherwise it can jam the round (normal ejector design but functions fine when firing or with more forceful slide pull). So, I tried using additional speed and force with an empty mag and the slide locked to the rear as it should. Additionally, during live fire the slide locks to the rear after last round fired. It appears that after a break in period, the 380 Max slide locking mechanics require more force to lock to the rear with a function check and function normally when firing last round. I'm going out on a limb and saying, at least for mine, manually ejecting a live round and manually locking slide to rear on empty mag simply takes more force in the 380 Max and is a normal characteristic of a fully functional handgun. If the mags start to fail to lock with live fire or otherwise, I'll have more input. Generally, I love this little handgun!
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