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    Is it me or some of you get the feeling that the folks that disagree with the George Zimmerman trial do not respect the justice system. I made a statement a while back that this is not the same America that I grew up in, and this makes my point. He was judged by his peers and found not guilty. This should be the end of story. There is a faction in our society that is empowered from the civil rights movement that all they have to do is protest and we bend over and give them what they want. Well I am tired of all there BS. Is it not time we stand up and be heard. I for one think we have dropped the ball. I am not a raciest, but this sort of protesting has to take a poll on my thoughts that we are being trampled on. I am a white male, I don't go around protesting when a black shoots a white, I let the justice system take care of it and I accept the verdict. Is it time we wake up and do something?
    What do you all think, are we sinking to such a low level that we are not coming back from the abyss?
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    racism is not obvious to some people. or should i say discrimination.

    A friend of mine believes Zimmerman is guilty. His judgment is jaded because of family pressure. All his . Kids married a different race and those in-laws are the reason for his jaded opinion. But I think he is trying to seek peace in his family. It really is his family who are racist. This is becoming more the trend. Hopefully in a couple years the veil will be thrust aside. My opinion.
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    I agree completely and it's pretty pathetic that the Prez and DOJ of this great Country is leading the way.They are suppose to be examples of the law,not starting trouble for an innocent man.It seems to me the only RACIST people are the blacks.Not all of them,but some.
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    After watching the news on how the media is reporting this everyday keeping the feelings raw, I am convinced they are cashing in on this too. The usual complainers are not a supprise, Naacp, Rainbow Coalition, and the far left in the black community. Eric Holder is being bombarded by these, and I feel he will cave to the political pressure. He is as every body knows a black man and he will cater to them. I do believe Zimmerman would be better off going to a place like Costa Rica to live the rest of his life, because he is not safe in this country anymore. The justice system worked, but there is no respect from the black community for American justice, just their eye for an eye type of mentality.
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