Is it age or am I a wimp?

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    I'm not really sure where on this site this post belongs but I really would like to have a discussion about something that is bothering me. I have been addicted to oversized guns with over stuffed ammo and excessive recoil since I got into shooting in the early 70's. I am now 60 yrs old and I'm going to be honest with you all, I don't like it anymore. My ego does not like admitting to any of this but over the past couple of years I've sold my .338 winmag, my .375 H&H and I've backed off on my over loaded 45-70's that I hunt with in my Guide Gun. I'm suddenly discovering the pleasure of shooting .308's, .243's and my new 77/357. But what really has me questioning my manhood is my loss of enjoyment shooting the big boomer handguns. After a broken thumb and surgery on both wrists I just couldn't enjoy my SRH .454's any longer and sold them both last year. (I loved that Alaskan but loading it down just didn't make sense) Now...I'm questioning how much pleasure I really get shooting my RH .44Mag. It doesn't actually hurt and it is an incredible gun but the GP100 and my semi-autos just seem to make shooting a more pleasant experience. The big ones I've sold were almost like family and it hurts everytime I sell one. The RH is one of the very early ones, mag-na-ported and with awesome custom grips so I don't know how I could sell it but it is getting to be a lot of work to shoot it. I'd love to hear from some others who are may be getting up in years. I know you young guns out there will not understand and may jump to the conclusion that I'm just a wimp. go ahead, speak your mind. Compared to what I was when I was your age, yeah, I definately am a wimp now. And you know what, it's somewhat liberating to admit it. All feedback is welcome.
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    This could possibly go over to Off Topic, but we are talking about general firearms here , especially big bores.:)

    I wouldnt give up my man card just yet,;)

    Im 66 and have more than my share of bodily injuries and pains, but that aint making me sell anything, heck I may not shoot the big boomers as much anymore, but I will just keep em , shoot them one or two times a year ,clean em and love em.:)

    I just bought a 45-70, my first one, have shot 4 rounds thru it, cleaned it, cleaned it again, put it in a sock ,in the safe, may shoot it again, may not, but will let others shoot it.,
    The only one Ive got that really hurts to shoot, and I dont, is a 30-06 Savage 110 fron the 70s, it just hurts bad, I wont even let others shoot it, afraid they will get a busted eyeball socket from the scope.:eek:

    Nah,, we aint wimps.....just because we also like shootin a 10-22, a .223, or even an air rifle. Its shootin.

    Dont sell em, you will be sorry,;)


  3. Blaze

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    Not a wimp just getting older. I wouldn't worry about anything just shoot what you think feels best to u and stop worrying all will be fine....
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    Maybe you just grew up.
    I think all of us go through this phase.
    you are still a yung un.
    I am 74 and enjoy a .22 up to .45 Colt.
    Shoot what you enjoy.
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    Hey, I'm not getting any younger myself !! ;)

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    I'd love to keep all those guns but when the time comes that I have to sell one in order to fulfil my latest craving, I've been choosing to sell the big ones that hurt me. You mentioned having a new 45-70. I have shot more than 600 rounds through mine over the past 15+ years and most all of them have been pretty hot hand loads. This is my favorite rifle for deer and hogs but would work well on a bear if I ever got to hunt one. My 2 hunting loads push a 300 gr bullet at 1900fps and the 405gr load at 1650. Pretty stout from an 18" barrel. I had one load that pushed the 300 gr HP at 2100+. OMG did that one hurt when shooting from the bench! None of them bother me in the field but the bench is a different story.
    I'm staying with those tried and proven hunt loads but most of my bench time in the future will be with loads in the trapdoor range simply to accomodate my new found "wimpiness". thanks for your comments
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    Shoot what you like and feels good......I love shooting 22lr stuff.....its fun, but every once in awhile I like the big bore guns that go "kabooooom" long as your shooting.....all is good....:)
  8. Pancho_Villa

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    It's about the same for me. Started shooting big bores in the 70s when the magnums were all the rage. Long range shooting with the hand cannons. Started with a BlkHk .41 mag, an SBH and Thompson Contender in .44 mag. Hot handloads were the norm. Added barrels for the Contender in .30-30 and .30 Herret. Kinda low pressured stuff compared to what is available now, but that was the limit at the time. Shot hot handloaded .270s and 7 mags at the time too. Just had to be out there making the biggest bang at the range when I was in my 20s. Maybe it was the macho man "Dirty Harry" movies.:D

    Gave up the 7 mags long ago. Way more recoil than I wanted and it was just overkill for anything around here. Still have the .270s but hardly shoot them. The .243 is more the norm now. Spend alot more time shooting .22s, .22 mags. .223s. etc. Spend alot of time shooting warm .38 spls. and a few .357s from a revolver cause I am so blind now I lose all of my auto pistol brass in the grass. Can't see the sights well either. Gluacoma sux and I am only 59.
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    I have to pace my .44 mag when I shoot it or it tears up my shoulder. The metal butt plate doesn't help, but I'm young by most people's standards and I still have an issue.
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    Old Gun Hand
    Really smart blogger and the forums are great for us OLD COOTS