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Introducing myself

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Hello all, I am new to these forums as of today. My name is pronounced (Fake-um) by the way. I am a middle aged man living in Mass. I frequent the gun range every 2 weeks with various hand guns. My latest addition is the Ruger Mark IV Hunter,,, LOVE IT! I already have one post up, I'm sure there will be more to follow. Thank you for the opportunity to educate myself on the Mark IV here.
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Welcome aboard from another new guy. This looks like a great site to share and gain info. The Hunter is a sweet shooter. You're gonna love. Now make room for more guns. It's just starting. lol
Thanks for the welcome,,, wife closed the door on getting anymore guns for awhile :},,,, cant say I blame her LOL,,,,
Welcome from Tucson, Az. Rugers are like Lays potato chips, can't have just one.:D
Welcome to Rugertalk,

Good folks here , tons of info.

Thanks for the introduction.

LOL... I just caught this :

"Im a heterosexual, conservative, christian, pro-life, gun owner, ex military,
Anything else I can say to offend you.. "

That's awsum! I'm ex military as well I might add
Welcome to the forum and maybe if you can get your wife into the gun addiction you might find her buying a gun or two.
Welcome to RugerTalk!
Welcome to our forum and glad to have you join us. You must have to train your wife that you can NEVER/EVER have too many guns. Go count and see how many pairs of shoes she has. If you have to, buy her another pair and say "Here's your present honey and mine is sitting at the gun shop". My wife just told me how she feels about the above poster on porn sites. She will never understand. I am taking her to Good Will and buying her another blouse that she will never wear!!!!!


My wife walked in on me while I was reading Stingray's poster. She said she know how she feels. She calls our forum my "porn site"!!!
Welcome from another Massachusetts resident (I'm located on the South Shore). Enjoy your time here.
I need another safe :D. Welcome to the forum.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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