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Intro and question

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Hey team!
I just discovered that this forum exists. Thanks to the creators of this forum!!!
My question to the community is, Would you fire 185 grain bear loads in your LCR .357? I bought a box, but haven't tried them yet.


-> Rich
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Yes. You only live once, right?
In the past, Ruger use to "zero in" fixed revolver sites with 158 gr. How will the heavier round effect the POA trajectory?
No, i shoot mostly 158 gr. .357 or 38 +p and some Critical defense at range, LCR is designed and intended for self defense. If i was planning on encountering something that required that type of ammo i would take a Blackhawk or GP-100 along or even a Redhawk .44 mag. If you are pushing .357 performance to the limit, the LCR is not the ideal weapon to use.
LCR .357 185 Grain

Bear load in a snub? I can think of better ways to hurt myself.
Re: LCR .357 185 Grain

I would not consider using something as small as a 357 on a bear. 300gr 44 minimum.

The 357 is getting too slow with a bullet that heavy. You're losing a lot of energy.

If you're worried about recoil though...the Alaskan series from Ruger is a far harsher snub. Would make the 357lcr recoil feel like a 22. Hahaha.

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Rich, let me clarify. As long as the 185 grain load is within the specs of the revolver, go for it. I wouldn't expect it would be very pleasant, but could yield a nice fireball.

A larger, steel-framed revolver would yield better results for that round.
Welcome to RT.....
Welcome to the forum.
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