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    I have heard of Us concealed carry association (USCCA) which among other things offers insurance which provides protections in the event of having to defend yourself and getting a lawsuit brought against you. Any thoughts on the positives or negatives of this or any other such association.
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    I think Buster has some form of insurance. I'm sure he'll be around to chime in........

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    I had Texas Law Shield but recently went with CCW Safe. The latter IMO has better coverage with less cost per year. Be sure you understand what you are getting for your money because some IMO are not actually providing much and often are even more expensive.

    Perhaps having a legal defense service for $10 a month may seem not necessary when my chances of having to use a gun to protect my life is probably less than 1%. If we weren't concerned with that 1% happening then we wouldn't carry a gun in the first place. For the price of one box of ammo I can have legal defense paid for. That is IMO a no brainer.

    With all the anti gun movement looking for anything to further their anti movement I don't want to help their cause. I also don't want to lose everything paying for my legal defense. I have that covered now.
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    Ok, thanks I will look into it .