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Ruger 57, (2021) Redhawk .44 mag, EC9s, Ruger .44mag carbine, .Single six .22Mag (1963, first Ruger,
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Quite a few years back I purchased this .22 Ruger.I have always been impressed with the detail of this firearm.Does anyone on here know who may have done these firearms?Any info is appreciated......2nd 4ever View attachment 13566
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Back in the mid Eighties I had a Ruger Super Blackhawk .44 Mag,7 1/2 " black finish. I took it to a local (Clearwater, Fl) gun coating shopo named Accurate Plating, There, it was cut down to 5 1/2", barrel was crowned and finished in brushnickle. It looked just like your pistol. Since then the shop moved, I believe to North Carolina. The person who did mine was Kevin Cogan.
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