Inexpensive semi auto shotgun.

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    I have been interested in getting a 20 ga. shotgun and would like it to be a semi auto. I think the 20ga will be a lot friendlier to my "old man" shoulder versus my 12ga Remington 1100. I figure I will not be using it a lot so I don't want to go with an expensive shotgun.
    I checked out the Yildiz A-71 20ga. 26" semi auto at Academy for around $400 and the reviews are actually pretty good. It is built in Turkey. Then there is the Mossberg sa-20 semi auto which actually is also made in Turkey. It also is around $400 with decent reviews also.
    I was in a mega Wally's World today to pick up some things and for giggles I checked what guns they had. I noticed a semi auto for $206 and asked to see it. I thought wow $206 for a semi auto! Is this just an expensive piece of junk? I found out it is distributed by Hatfield out of IL. and is also made in Turkey. The gun looks and feels pretty good. I told the clerk I would have to read the reviews on it before considering buying it.
    I checked reviews and even You Tube videos of it. It actually had about the same reviews as the other Turkey shotguns mentioned above. They all seemed to have a break in period and didn't like cycling the low brass ammo especially at first out of the box. Most reviews by owners said after a a low 25-100 break in they functioned very well seldom having a jam.
    So for a mere $200+ it performed about the same the $400+ guns. I think I just might buy me a Hatfield. Looks wise it looks better than the other two at $400.
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    Hey buster,
    Have you looked a Stevens shotguns? I know nothing about them but they are inexpensive.
    I believe Stevens shotguns are part of Leupold/Stevens now, but that's only a guess.
    If the two are the same company (w/Leupold as parent company) then CS should be excellent. At least I know Leupold has very good CS.
    CS is very important. Ruger screws up guns often enough but they'll keep working with you till they get it right.... Mossberg, not so much.

  3. buster40c

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    I will check out Stevens. I think my first shotgun was a bolt action 20 ga. Stevens I bought from the local hardware for around $55.
    LOL That was many moons ago.
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    Considering the current state of and continued downward trend in the value of the Turkish Lira against the US$ the price might be headed even lower.
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    I purchased a Stevens model 555 over-under .410 a while back so my aging dad can still shoot clays with me (he can't shoot his 12 gauge any more than twice before he has to call it a day).

    It was made in Turkey and so far, it has performed flawlessly. We've probably put about a 1,00 shells through it without an issue. I bet if you buy a Turkey made semi auto shotgun, you'll find it shots as it was intended to do and it'll probably even look pretty good too.

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    Yildiz are junk! Academy won't take em' back when they break. Check out Tristar.........made in Turkey also but much better quality!
  7. buster40c

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    I bought the Hatfield 20 ga today at WM. When I got there they had sold the one I looked at Wednesday. The woman clerk said they sold it yesterday but they should have one coming in on the 17th. She said they sell these Hatfields almost as quick as they come in. She also said four of her relatives have the same gun and have had no problem with them.
    She went somewhere and I was looking at something else and got a price on it. I asked the guy where the bathrooms were and so I went there.
    When I came out of the bathroom the guy that told me where the bathroom was said they just got in another Hatfield like I wanted. So I went back and bought it along with two boxes of 20 ga 7/8 1200 fps #8 shot shells.

    I went home cleaned and oiled the gun. I shot about a dozen rounds and the gun performed flawlessly. LOL It figures I didn't see a dove anywhere.

    $223 out the door for a brand new semi auto shotgun that performed flawlessly first time shooting. That's pretty darn good I think. Will it last 20 years? I probably will not be around to find out.
    My shoulder liked it a lot better than shooting my 12ga. Remington 1100.
    Yeah I got another IOH which got me another shotgun I probably will seldom shoot. Oh well that itch on my hind end got taken care of.
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    Got any pics of that nice new shotgun you picked up?
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    What I know of Savage/Stevens pumps and semis isn't good. The pumps are like toys. Low end China made junk. Those Turkish made O/U guns look considerably better than the Chinese Stevens guns.