Independence Day

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    Happy Birthday America...


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    Today we are headed towards another fight for our independence. It will soon be against those that want to destroy our country. They are getting their way taking down many historical values and trying to up-end everything this country was founded on. Unbelievable what is happening from within to take down this country. Keeping open the borders and letting the rush continue to over take the country is their plan. Our borders are being invaded and then we are told we have to provide for all their needs. I do believe what is happening from within our government is what the 2nd was written to stop.
    Will Independence Day be another historical observance removed if we don't get together as a nation? Fly your USA stars and stripes flag. Take pictures of it flying proudly and post it on your Facebook page.
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    Well, my new town just finished putting on a fireworks display I have not heard in many years. I mean it was so close my place was rattling and it lit the whole sky up.

    I was taking a nap, thought the commies had landed. The socialist commies down the way were I came from would have jailed them for putting on such a display.

    I bet you'll be able to even say Merry Christmas and not offend anyone out this way. It's like two completely different worlds.
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    As Trump stated, “Freedom rests on the shoulders of those who defend it.”
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    That's exactly right! And as from what we've seen from the pathetic 8 years Obama ran things his own way, Obama nearly destroyed any hope we had for a free society. We were slowly becoming a government run society and even the poor were being FINED for not wishing to participate or not being able to afford health care! Trump put an end that that and we are thankful!!! We are not a communist or a socialist country, we cherish our freedom and it is returning more and more. We need to put an end to those who wish to take our money and over-tax us and spread the wealth to those who wish to sit on their ass and do nothing, and we also need to put an end to the Liberal party of injustice. We aren't the animals that will parade and throw tantrums like uneducated idiots. We aren't ones to go stand in rush hour traffic and pout and yell like a bunch of crybabies because we didn't get our welfare check on time or we didn't get our citizenship because we just happen to be illegal's and can't follow the rule of law. We need to end the 'Party of the Pathetic' and keep moving forwards to keep making America great! And we don't need some pedophile little girl or boy hair sniffer and feeler in our White House!!! The Liberals can't seem to get their act together and get anyone worthy of the presidency in the line-up!!!! PROOF we need another 4 years to KEEP AMERICA GREAT!!!! And if they can't pull their heads out of their asses by 2024, it's Ivanka and Milania for 2024!!!!!!!

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