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Discussion in 'Ruger Revolver Forums' started by chelboed, Feb 10, 2014.

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    Okay man...this hobby is so expensive that I have to resort to dreaming out loud so to speak to get my fix.

    I was just thinking though...I'm kind of a Ruger Wheel-gun whore. Specifically the Redhawk. This IMO is the perfect handgun. Not good for CCW...(though Harry Calahan could have pulled it off just fine)...not going to be a great "law inforcement" sidearm due to the heft and lack of capacity. But as pure aesthetics go, mixed with the enthusiast "shooting experience"...for me, I can just think of only one thing better. Multiple Redhawks in multiple calibers.

    If I could come up with one of those older .357mags, .41mag, and a newer 45LC to go along with my .44mag...I think I'd have a smile for miles.

    I think it would be kind of a funny thing to get one in .357 just to mess with people. Like when I go shooting with Dad...pull it out and not even tell the old man. Ask him if he wants to shoot my new .44mag "light recoil" loads. That'd be funnier'n crap, boys!

    I was heartbroken when I saw this year that they were going to be discontinuing the Redhawk from the Ruger lineup. So much so that I called the factory for a little verbal throwdown.

    They quickly lay my fears to rest by saying that they're actually just suspending production until they get caught up with all their other orders that the tactical crowd have been drooling over so much lately. As soon as they get caught up, they'll be back in production.

    Thanks God, my peeps! They can't d/c my favorite!
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    I understand your point. Wheel guns are addictive.

    I love to shoot my GP100 6" in 357 Mag....Other than an old 22Mag, I don't own any single action revolvers. Been looking hard at a Redhawk in 44mag, but it's just on the list at this point.

    Those lists can be long.:D