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    1919 – The first Palmer Raid is conducted on the second anniversary of the Russian Revolution, arresting over 10,000 suspected communists and anarchists in twenty-three different U.S. cities. The Palmer Raids were attempts by the United States Department of Justice to arrest and deport radical leftists, especially anarchists, from the United States.
    This posting came from our forum. It was in our military history.

    Perhaps we need to do some rethinking on the past years and venture some of them into our future. I don't think a raid in this country would be too far out of line. Pinal County, which is just 5 miles from where I live captured 23 illegals carrying over $1, 000,000 worth of marijuana. The sheriff there said that approximately 40 got away. He stated that with the White House and Lame Brain at the helm that the gates are open to anyone to enter our country, which includes those from the far east and other lands hostile to our way of life. The sheriff stated that they can barely keep up with just the illegals entering let alone the drug smugglers and other illegals who may want to harm us. By not closing our borders, we are completely vulnerable. I am not saying to deport all people however many who have been caught have lengthy crime records and yet we allow them to run free. I am afraid that should someone want to cause immediate chaos, all they have to do is shut down our electrical grids for a starter and then head to our nuclear plants to create damage. The rest would be history. Can we still sustain our sanity and safety with Lame Brain being in office for another 1 1/2 years? And if Hilldebeast gets in, it will be another long 4 years. She is advocating farther to the left to separate herself from Obama and I fear her agenda is going to infuriate the unwitting and unknowing public. She will say and do anything to get the POTUS and forget about the FBI investigation. I am afraid that Lame Brain has already talked to Toomey (head of FBI) to make sure nothing comes from his investigation. It's a shame for I believe he really wants to do a good job however his hands will, if not now, are tied. This has to be one of the most corrupt government that we have had in the last 75-100 years. Lord have mercy if she should win the presidential election.

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    I just read an article about Texas had gotten multiple billions from Obama's set up departments in just the last two years. Obama is promising{supposedly} these soon to be incoming thousands of refugees will be provided flights to their designated destinations then will be given monthly checks, apartments, education and who knows what all other freebies. Sounds remarkably similar set up the Boston terrorists had. Strange how 333 billion dollars supposedly got spent, on who knows what, the day our debt limit was raised. Not a peep from anyone on capital hill about this hitting the news media? Maybe it was just a bogus claim then?
    All this on the tax payers backs while our vets can't get an appointment into the VA hospitals. I guess that might have something to do with Obama figures veterans will not vote for him/democrats where as the refugees will since they have been given an all expenses paid new life and a chance to infiltrate and take over the country they most hate. Obama doesn't care what their view of the USA is, since it resembles his, but only their vote to keep democrats hold on the White House.
    If this isn't treason then what is? Possibly 90%, if not 100%, of all our elected government officials on capital hill should be in jail for at the very least not blowing the whistle when they knew what was going on. This country is toast due to total corruption. Ole Hitlery is still laughing at the investigations since even with report after report of grounds for trial and possible hanging she still is running around telling more lies to become the next president. Thanks to our corrupt government and news media she will probably be the next president.
    Aiding and abetting the enemy is a treasonous act and many of our generals have said Obama has and is committing exactly that. Funny how so many generals have taken early retirement now. Or should I say forced to take early retirement?
    Perhaps this all is in the plans for the end times. I hope the plans from above call for some big changes for the better for our once great country. If not this country is going down the crap shoot real soon.

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    I'm curious, how many general officers have taken early retirement due to Obama? Who is it that gave the incoming refugees the right to vote?