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Discussion in 'Second Amendment and Legal' started by threetango, May 11, 2016.

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    I do believe "You cant teach an old dog new tricks" and that a "Leopard cant change its spots".

    Know what I mean Vern


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    This is the point I was trying to make on a thread I posted a day or 2 ago. Hildebeast will be relentless on her quest to ban and possibly confiscate guns regardless of who the owner is. Why don't she start with the gangs and drug dealers and leave law biding citizens alone? And why don't she ask Eric Holder about his "Fast and Furious" program and how it went. It all goes back to "you can't fix stupid!".


    The only things that are infinite are the universe and the stupidity of man. Quote from Albert Einstein
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    Hillary will never do what would make good sense. The only thing that she cares about is to do away with the Rights of the law abiding citizens. And That is the game plan of the Anti-gunners. They all just seem to think that if law abiding citizens were disarmed that everything would be fine and dandy. Well they're wrong as usual. Because the criminals, gangs, drug dealers, and terrorists will always have the guns that they want or need to do their dirty work. And they just don't seem to understand it.
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    It's Just Stupid

    I think many of the anti-gun types really believe if we get rid of all guns, everyone will be safe. I personally know a few that see it that way.
    I try to tell em different but ... :brickwall:

    I know one avid hunter that believes no one needs an AR15 or any semi-auto long gun of any type! Crazy huh.
    I told him about squirrel hunting with a semi-auto shotgun and how you can get 2 maybe 3 shots (in one spot) because they don't hear you work an action.
    They hear the boom but don't know where it came from a lot of the time. I could see the light bulb glowing over his head. He's still against AR's though.
    Kinda a moot point. It AIN'T about hunting after all.
    It's all about control.

    Control of the people is THE reason Hillary and her crew want to ban guns. They are not stupid, they know exactly what the goal is. Control, not safety.
    It's not to save the children or grandma, it's about absolute power over the people.
    Don't think for one second she or any of the anti-gun politicians are only stupid and can't see why an armed population is necessary for freedom.
    Not one second!
    They are smart, very smart and they have sold the lie to the non-shooting public.
    Too many people that don't own or want guns can't see behind the curtain of lies and are stupid enough to think it doesn't affect them. Stupid!