I'm so glad I can reload $$$

Discussion in 'Ruger Center Fire Pistols' started by chelboed, May 8, 2013.

  1. chelboed

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    I was just looking up prices on ammo like Buffalo Bore...holy smokes!

    If you can get it, it's between $1-1.50 per round!!! We're talking like a plain old Hornady 155gr XTP at 1300 fps...not some magic incendiary round, hahaha.

    I'm loading the same thing with the same bullet and Longshot for $11 per box of 50.

    I can't wait till this frenzy is over.

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  2. bikeride4fun

    bikeride4fun NRA Benefactor Member

    Agree with what your saying.....this "frenzy thing" has to stop sometime.....

  3. refugee

    refugee New Member

    even when it stops I won't. been reloading for around30 years and enjoy the snot out of it. while some are without practice fodder I still have rounds loaded 10 years ago to rotate in with what I loaded last fall. my family will practice.
  4. Tommycourt

    Tommycourt Tommycourt

    I started back up to reloading after a 20 hiatus for my SR1911. I used 4.5 gr. Bullseye and a 200 gr. round nose lead (alloy) round to see how they would fire. My first concern was having the correct recoil spring using reloads so I ordered from Wolfe a 12, 14, and 16 springs in case the slide didn't return to full cocked position. I don't need the other springs and since I have ordered them, I will have to live with them. Total cost was only $28.00 so I am not going to sweat it. The reloaded rounds worked flawlessly and accuracy was not diminished over using Remington 230 gr. round nose. I am in the middle of my loading data as for range rounds I don't need a "hot load" and have never used them for practice. Problem with Az is you have powder hoaders and when the truck comes in, the vendors, LGS or your other local outlets never know what and how much of powder they will get in. I hope one day that this hoarding binge will stop so everyday folks can get back to reloading. I also hope the hoaders will EAT that overpriced ammo they bought!!! Nothing like being selfish AND I detest selfish people.
  5. chelboed

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    Not to start a flame war here, but why load lead? Copper jacketed bullets leave so much less crap in the barrel. I guess 45's are a lower pressure, lower velocity round. It's not like you're running 1500fps, but I personally would think it is a pain to get all that less foul cleaned out.
  6. phideaux

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    I reload,
    I also mold my own lead bullets, and started powder coating my lead bullets, and have found that my bores are cleaner than ever.

    Ther are several companys out there selling coated bullets also.

    There are other advantages to coated bullets also.