I'm real happy right now

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    I used to have a whole bunch of firearms, now I have maybe a third of what I used to have. I never really had the disposable income to spend. $200 was pretty easy to come by, $300 was a bit harder. Over that amount? Fuggadeaboutit! Still, over the years I was able to accumulate a few.

    The spousal unit had a fit when I told her I needed to buy another security cabinet to secure them. You can have some more room when you build another room she says. So I did the next best thing. I started selling them on consignment at the LGS. I gave up a bit of money in their commissions, but they did all the paperwork, so it was worth it. Anyway, I didn't lose money on but a few I sold, I at least broke even on most of them. I took store credit and started buying Rugers. Here about 3 years later I am very happy with my very much reduced but much higher quality collection.

    I centered around the American line, both pistol and rifle, specifically the American Ranch Rifle, I am missing only the 450 Bushmaster, don't know if I really want it.

    I have the RAPC, LCPII, and, all 3 models of the LCRX. The SR1911, GP100, single Six, Super Blackhawk, and Bearcat, all in stainless. And probably should not have done it, but the SP101MC on layaway.

    The Gen1 Charger, MKII (which was the only Ruger I owned) and 10/22 round out my collection. The 10-22 has had the Magpul Hunter stock and Ruger stainless target barrel added. I only need an American shotgun, which they do not make, maybe some day, and a 308 rifle.

    I keep eyeing the Precision Rifle in 308. It's doable, but hard to swallow nearly $1200. Add that while every gun shop has them in 6.5 CM, none of them have them in 308. Plus I really don't like the handguard, I like the looks of the Savage BA10 Stealth better.

    But I think I have a solution. Magpul has announced the Hunter stock will be available for the short action American Rifle later this year. I think it will be a perfect home for the American Predator in 308!

    As an added bonus, all 5 of my security cabinets have been sold and my firearms reside in a honest to goodness real safe, the Canon Widebody.

    Life is good, I'm happy!
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    Sounds good.

    Sure would be nice to see a group pic of the Greg Ruger family.


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    I also did the sell off rather than the buy another safe. I don't regret selling any of them and I like and am satisfied with what have now. If I had bought a bigger safe to begin with I would probably have more guns but shoulda, woulda, coulda doesn't mean squat as far as I am concerned. I am not that thrilled on collecting safe queens all though I do have a few of them just because of a hair bothered me to the point I got out my plastic money card.

    I still have room for more handguns but I think I will just pass on buying more. Well that's how I feel right now anyway. LOL
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    That's how I feel right now too, Buster. I'd kinda like to get a few $ saved up to pay for heat this coming winter - which is coming way too fast. July already!
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    I'll get you a family out. On holiday right now and only have the LCPII with me. Here some pics I have though. I no longer own the Taurus, and the NAAMini is just because Ruger does not make one!

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    I like the way you think Greg. Sounds like you have most everything you need.

    Wait, did you mention anything about the Ruger556?
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    Yep, most of my needs are covered most anything else will have to fall under the category of wants.

    I have a 5.56, a 223 Wylde pistol, a 223 Wylde 16" , a 3oo Blackout, 25x45 Sharps, and in the process of building a 20" 223 Wylde and a 20" 6.5 Grendel. The 20 inche ones share the same lower, as does the 25x45 Sharps. The Sharps is the 1 1/4 MOA one, the Grendel is being built in the hopes it will best the 1 MOA mark. The pistol really needs a longer barrel the 7.5 inch barrel is LOUD and produces about a 1 foot fireball! It has a linear compensator to direct everything forward. It's a lot of fun to shoot!

    These are all Frankenguns, built by me the way I wanted them and I am going to keep them, except the 5.56 which I bought after Newtown when everybody thought that the AR's would be banned. It was an entry level DPMS that has been dressed up.

    Funny story. I had no use for the AR platform, bought one just because I still could. Never shot it much until one day I put a scope on it. I found out how accurate it was! Been hooked on them ever since. All of my AR'S will shoot into 1 1/4 MOA or less. The 300 BLK will shoot 1/4 MOA! Hoping the ones in process now will shoot as good. I do sort of wish I had bought a 22 Nosler in the 20" instead of the 223 Wylde, but I had bought the 223 Wylde before I knew the 22 Nosler even existed.

    I also have most of the parts to build a LR-308 also. Just need the lower reciever, handguard and the sighting arrangement.

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    @greg_r: wow that's a collection I'm going to dreaming about . Someday when I get my millions.... but thankfully it doesn't cost a single penny to dream for now.