Illegal Immigration & Sheriff Joe

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    Phoenix sheriff Joe Arpaio has been very outspoken about the problems caused by illegals coming into his state from Mexico.

    The Fed refuses to enforce our immigration laws, so Joe does what he can (or can't).

    Here just south of Houston I see illegals coming thru regularly.
    Many are good people hoping for a better life and will help any way they can if you have car trouble or something.

    Some dare you to cross them.

    I've had to avoid trouble with the 'dare you' types several times.

    It's not hard to do just don't look at them when they Glare At You while standing in your path.
    Thank them when they jerk the jumper cables off when you're helping a stranded motorist, stuff like that.
    I could go on but you probably get the idea....

    ^^ There's no disgrace in avoiding trouble if possible.

    You guys in the northern states don't see it first hand like we do down here.

    Oh, did I forget to mention sheriff Joe is VERY outspoken against Obama too?
    The media does not like that (or Joe) and it shows!

    FYI, the above report may be a little slanted against ol' Joe.
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    I personally highly respect that guy. Years ago, me and a dozen other law enforcement officers were caught packing our guns while riding our Harleys in his state. His deputies escorted us to Sheriff Joe's office, he came out and ordered us to raise our right hands and deputized us on the spot and told us to have a good time. He gave us his personal business cards and even rode a few harleys around his parking lot.

    I wish HE was running for President because he would get my vote!

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    It's a shame our own representatives don't give a dang about the law. They sure don't represent us or the laws. I am surprised Joe is still around to keep on enforcing the laws.
    The North has been getting infiltrated over the last several years with illegals. A lot of employers up north are benefiting with the lower wages they can pay them.
    One thing that IMO says Trump is just another blow hard is his idea of building more border fences. If they really wanted to stop illegal immigration they would do better by cutting off the jobs, govt, housing, food stamps and free health care. Stop all the above which is illegally done and they would stop coming.
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    That's pretty cool!
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    I know and personally have met Sheriff Joe many times. For 5 yrs. I was on the Maricopa County Posse. This is a squad that we have in our area. One of my jobs was to help interview and assess individuals, and help train them for posse duty so I would have to take them to Phoenix for indoctrination. Yes he likes to talk and especially about his way of fighting crime. I will say this that he is a fair and honest man. He will hand you some B.S. during indoctrination, however when it comes time for you to pull your shift, you will remember what he told you. He will tell you that he is a no nonsense guy and he does NOT discriminate when it comes to arrests. You can be any race, religion, sex, sexual preference, whatever, but if you break the law you will be treated equally. The chain gang that they have shown on TV must be earned through good behavior. You are not forced to go on the chain gang but must earn the right to be on it. Tent city is no picnic and he frequently walks around tent city and talks to the inmates. If they complain about the heat, he reminds them that we have the military that protects our way of life, in the same temperatures and they carry 100lbs of gear on their backs. If you don't like tent city, then don't break the law. Inmates in cells have TV just like most correctional facilities. The only channels they get are the weather channels and on Sunday the church channels. Men and women are treated the same whether they are inmates or sworn deputies. If you do your job, you won't have problems. The posse is there to help, co-ordinate and patrol different communities depending on which level you are on. They have 3 levels with training on each one to qualify. You wear the same uniform and badge as sworn officers and carry the same responsibility. Joe just keeps on getting re-elected because he saves the county a lot of money and the LE are good and responsible people. The federal government is always suing Joe but he keeps beating them and I hope he continues to do so. He is the type of guy if you introduce yourself, give him a good handshake, he will ask you what you need and how can he help. He is an "Alright Joe" as they used to say.

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