If He Only Knew

Discussion in 'Second Amendment and Legal' started by threetango, Jan 12, 2016.

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    I do believe that loud mouth liberal gun hater has relatives around, cause I heard a similar rant at a restaurant , a while back...
    I was armed, and didn't say anything , just glad we weren't attacked,

    I might not have protected the idiot.;)


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    I think I would have gotten away from him because a lunatic bad guy with a gun might have heard enough of his banter so robbed and shot him first. There are quite a few believe like that guy.
    He might have crapped his pants if he knew there was a good guy sitting next to him that had a gun.
    Then again he might have been friends with the white idiots that attacked a black man because he was open carrying a gun. The black man kept saying, while being attacked, that he had a license to carry. Quanell X because of that incidence said that the new open carry law was racist against blacks. He said a white man carrying a gun wouldn't have been attacked. I wonder what X will say when a black person jumps a white person to take their gun away and shoot them with it? I have news for X, while racist people are IMO stupid that doesn't mean all stupid people are racists.
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    all the while the second amendment is the only thing that keeps this persons first amendment rights alive. if the second goes, political correctness will make sure he may only speak if his words match the current agenda. and that agenda is subject to change based on the whims of fools.
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    Well shucks, you had to mention the 2nd and 1st Amendments. ;)

    In New Orleans the 6th Amendment is in trouble. Since the 1% doesn't need it, I dunno how that mess will work out. I do want to suggest that if one of the Amendments goes down, the ground gets shakier under the others.