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These are my custom knives that were made for me by Oak Level Custom Knives.

The top knife was not actually designed by me, but I described what I wanted and Oak Level Custom Knives put it together for me. A neck knife with 2" blade. Slightly modified saber grind. I wanted the scales right up to the blade but Jim told me it would be too small and I would cut myself. Jim was right. He added the lengthened bolster and choil as a place for my finger to go. Very happy with the final version.

The second knife is again my idea put together by Jim. My idea of a patch knife. It's basically a scaled down version of the 4th knife down, the one with the orange laynard.

The orange lanyard knife is my first Oak Level knife. Again my idea of the perfect knife put together by Jim. Saber grind, blade about 3 1/2 inches. Slight drop point. My favorite knife.

The 3rd, 5th, and 6th knives are Jim's designs. They are camp/kitchen knives. The smaller is a general purpose knife. I also like to use it as a steak knife. The middle size I use as a trout and bird knife. I also use it for boning. The larger one I use when preparing deer or pig for cooking. All these knives are flat grind. While not as strong as a saber grind, they excell at slicing.

The sticker is another of my favorites. Saber grind with a blade just short of 7 inches. This is my feral hog hunting knife. This knife penetrates the gristle plate well slices well, and will bleed out a pig fast. the blade is thicker than the Old Hickory sticker that I have used for so many years. I think the thicker profile of the blade keeps the wound open while the thinner blade knife let the wound close.

I am very happy with these knives.

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