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I have been wondering ,just what the heck is G-10 material.
I knew it was tough stuff, and purty.

I have G10 grips on my pistols, and a couple of knives, but didnt know why, other thanit looks good.

Heres the best explanation I found...

G10 laminate grades are produced by inserting continuous glass woven fabric impregnated with an epoxy resin binder while forming the sheet under high pressure. This material is used extensively in the electronics industry because its water absorption is extremely minimal and the G10 line of materials is not electrically conductive. The G10 is most commonly used in PCB (Printed Circuit Boards) applications. G10 exhibits superior mechanical and dimensional stability and doesn't shrink. Temperature ratings of 180 degrees C. In addition to these properties, G10 has excellent dielectric loss properties, and great electrical strength. G10 is also known as Micarta and Garolite and can be used for structural supports, buss bars, mechanical insulation, gears, test fixtures, washers, spacers and tight tolerance machined parts for electromechanical assemblies.

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