I think Ruger is leaving some money on the table.....

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    .....with their Security 9.

    Had the same discussion at two of my LGS this past weekend. The Security 9 was top seller in both stores. The Sig Sauer was the second best seller in one store, the third best seller in the other.

    The Security 9 has been called the GLOCK killer, and I think it is obviously aimed directly at the G19 as it’s practically identical in length, width, height, and even magazine capacity.

    Why not make it a SIG killer? Chop an inch off the barrel and an inch off the grip and it would be practically the length, width, and height of the Sig Sauer 365. Ruger already has the 10 round magazine for the Security 9, just replace the spacer baseplate on the state compliant magazines with a standard baseplate.

    Ruger also needs to do away with the unnecessary manual safety on the Security 9, or at least offer a Security 9 pro model without the safety.

    While I am asking, they should make a single stack Security 9 slim to kill the S&W Shield. Just leave the unnecessary and arguably dangerous magazine disconnect out of it. (BTW, the EC9s did not make the top 5 in either store, but was a good selling unit in both)

    Ruger Security 9, Security 9 Compact (sub-compact?), and Security 9 Slim, available in both standard and Pro versions. Life would be good!

    FWIW, store #1 that dosen’t stock Taurus the list was Ruger Security 9, Sig 365, Ruger LCPII, GLOCK and S&W Shield. Store #2 was Ruger Security 9, Taurus G2C, Sig 365, Ruger LCPII, and S&W Shield.
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    Springfields were supposed to be Glock killers too. They are very good, but a Glock is a Glock and a Ruger is a Ruger etc. The Sec 9 is hammer fired vs. Glock's striker fired.

    If you want a hammer fired pistol why not go revolver? The Sec 9 has a nylon frame making it lighter than a metal framed Beretta or CZ. It looks like the designers had a checklist and got every box for a particular market segment and brought it under budget.

    I think my original LCP now available for $169 on sale is one of the most clever pistol designs ever. I like the Ruger LC series too, very thin; however not as robust as a Glock or Springfield. Though ultra reliable hammer fired pistol that is great for SD or dispatching animals taken down by rifle.

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    I just prefer hammer fired pistols. I grew up on Colt 1911’s and S&W model 10’s and that’s pretty much what I ask myself when looking at a handgun, how does it compare to the Colt or S&W. I have one or two revolvers and semi automatics.

    Not too much for a striker fired handgun. They will never have a trigger that will be as good as what a 1911 trigger can be. Although the trigger on the American Pistol comes close, and I do like the KAHR trigger as well, not for a target trigger, but an almost perfect one for social work.

    The GLOCK is a proven handgun, no one can dispute that, and that you can get a “go to war” handgun for less than $600 is not a bad deal, but I just am not a fan. I have no desire to own one personally, but I will recommend one if someone asks and they just want one pistol.

    I would not take the bet that any of the aluminum and plastic pistols will still be around over 100 years from now, like the 1911, regardless of make, but I will hazard that the Steel and plastic one, like the Ruger American, or the steel KAHR T9 will still be working. And I do have to admit that that I am beginning to think that the plastic and steel P95DC is not going to die, regardless of it’s plastic slide rails. Admittedly it’s a different kind of plastic as what’s found in the GLOCK, you can tell by the feel.

    The beauty of the GLOCK is it’s popularity. I have seen many broken ones, but replacement parts are plentiful and largely interchangeable amongst models and it’s a simple design that is easy to work on. I think every prepper needs a GLOCK and a handful of spare parts regardless of my opinion of them.
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