I have a LC9 Gun Crush

Discussion in 'Ruger Center Fire Pistols' started by RogerRuger, Apr 20, 2015.

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    My wife asked me the other day....why do you keep buying guns but carry the same gun every day? So, got me to thinking. Why do I ? I love my LC9. I have multiple Rugers, several Bersa's, Glocks, Kahr, Shield, and CZ. Different ones in 40, 9, and 380. Maybe 15 or so handguns. I keep trying to find one better than my LC9 to carry every day

    Let me explain. I bought this LC9 over 3 yrs ago. It did not finish one mag and back to Ruger. Returned and did not fire the first round. I had no idea I could communicate with Ruger without going through the FFL. this was my first gun purchase. I gave it to a friend that knew a gun smith. It returned and worked fine. Of course the problem I could not hit a 3x5 ft target from 10 ft with the horrible trigger. I found Gallaway Precision back when they had the tactical trigger with 50% travel, new bar, new hammer, new springs, etc. I put on the Williams Fire Sights. Removed the safety. Added the extended mag. Now I have a great gun, easy to shoot, great trigger pull, works every time the trigger is pulled. love to carry it everyday. So, I look in the safe. Look at all the choices. Get out the holsters. Get out different handguns. Touch them. Try them all on. Think about it and reach for the Ruger LC9. Now back to my wife's question. Why are you buying more guns but only carry the same gun everyday? I don't know. I have a Ruger LC9 Gun Crush!!!!!!
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    I just shot my new LCP and LC9 this past Saturday. First round FTE in the LC9 and then all the rest were 100% reliable. I was surprised at how well it performs as was intended. The LCP is only smaller, but the LC9 is just 0.9 inches wide.

    I like the safeties too. I got used to the DAO trigger in one mag. It's a great pistol and very underrated among all the other SS 9mm's on the market. I pad $260 delivered for mine from PSA over Easter weekend.

    My Glocks are more accurate, but the Rugers are more concealable. Targets were @ 20'. Sub 3" barrels.