I found new leather for my P95

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    I just found an AWESOME yet simple leather holster for my Ruger P95. It is from The Holster Store. They make all their holsters in the US and the leather is nice and thick. Some people have negative reviews of them but I have had 4 or more of their holsters. But this is the first that I have bought for a Ruger P-Series. It is just as good as Galco in my opinion. And I am a big fan of Galco and use Galco on my Glocks. I love OWB style leather and this is nice ! It was $55 and to me that's not bad for some thick and nice leather. Here's a picture with my P95 in it .
    I forgot to add that I like it because the trigger is well covered and the leather doesn't cover the magazine release button. Some leather holsters will cover the mag button and it will sometimes release the mag but not on this one. Enjoy.

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    Looks awesome. Pretty rare to see that big ol' Ruger in an EDC roll - seems to be more of a range/HD gun. I imagine it will become harder and harder to find holsters for the discontinued big girl. Glad you found some decent gun hide for it.