I feel like I'm doing something wrong....

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  1. Don

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    This morning I am heading to the range to do something I have I put off for years. My mini-14 has always looked and felt like a rifle that shouldn't have a scope on it. I like the sleek look and the peep sight concept has always made shooting fun for me but............. My eyes aren't what they used to be and my groups have opened up til I find myself just not taking it to the range any more. So, this morning I am sighting it in with a pretty nice scope that's been sitting in a box unsused for a couple of years now. I already don't like the bulkier look with glass atop but I'd like to shoot this gun more. I'm leaving in about 10 mins and maybe this evening I'll have time to give a range report. It just feels like I'm doing something wrong to an old friend.
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    Understand what your saying......but if a site helps.....go for it.....

  3. phideaux

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    I have the same problem..

    deteriorating vision, has forced me to spend more and more money on magnification. :mad:

    I always liked open sights , thats the ways it is suppose to be,

    Im thankful for great optics available to me. I shoot better than ever.

    Nah, theres nothing wrong with compensating for failng eyesight.
    I wear eyeglasses too.;)

  4. MikeInVegas

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    Time catches up with us all. My eyes aren't what they used to be, either...and much as I would have liked to keep on shooting with iron sights, my Mini (among other guns) now wears an optic. I have to admit, I shoot better with it. Nothing wrong with that.
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    Yep Just scoped my Mini 14 with a new Redfield and have a scope on my Mini 30.Just bore sighted today now it's range time..
  6. BourbonSlosher

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    I know it feels wrong but paper doesn't lie! Do what you have to...stay safe, stay 2nd amendment!
  7. Don

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    I promised a range report so here it is. I know the mini 14 is not known as a tack driver and mine is one of the older ones that has the worst rep as far as I can tell but it shoots some loads pretty darn good. I was shooting at 100 yds and I have a load with 60 gr Nosler Partitions that has worked well in the past on small Florida deer. It is zero'd now about an inch high at 100yds and groups 4 out of 5 rounds under 2.5". I just can't get all 5 in that little group. I have a 60 grain Hornady V-max load using R-15 that groups about the same way only 2"" lower than the Nolsers. I"m content with both, one for small to med deer and hog, the other for coyotes but it puzzles me that I can't bring those flyers in another 3". I also shot some old S&B steel case surplus that centered pretty much the same as the good stuff but can't group any better than about 6 or 7 inches.
    I like the bright glass and the german reticle so think I will leave it as is. Like the gentleman on the Box-O-Truth site says, "Shooting is fun!"
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