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    Got a call from my LGS today,
    I had this one on order since Feb.

    Well I got it home, the price went up some what , my lgs cost was $400.
    I seen his bill for it.
    I walked out for $434.60.
    I cleaned it thouroughly, then grabbed some junky ammo. I shoulda got some good stuff, just wanted to shoot it.
    Remington Golden and Remington Thunderbolt.
    I dont care for either one.
    Next trip I grab CCI and Eley, and some Win SuperX.

    Anyway first cylinder was the Gold, not impressed ,at 22 yds.
    So I loaded the Thunderbolt, and was much better. I guess I should have moved to 10 and 15 yrds.

    This 1873 Cattleman in .22 cal feels exactly like my 1873 in .45LC and .357 mag, weight , balance, grips, exactly the same.The finish is top notch, fit is just great.
    The lockup is perfectly tight, the timing movement is smooth as silk, the trigger is unbelievably smooth, crisp, and light.
    I was truly amazed that this gun is so much like the big bore ones. I guess I was expecting a smaller frame and grip, but the only thing smaller is the bore.

    12 shots ....last a long time.
    The only thing negative, it takes a while to load it, and I honestly was having trouble seeing the black front sight on the black targets. Gotta paint the front sight. I think I could have held better groups if I could have seen the front sight better, and figured out sooner where to place it in the groove. I could tell when I did get good alignment it would shoot at POA.

    The targets were at 22 yrds.





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    Nice pistola Phidough!. They do make some nice looking pistolas. Good shooter too.

  3. phideaux

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    I just want to know,
    Has anyone on here seen one of these 12 shot revolvers anywhere at anytime?

    Just thinking ,I may have the only one in the USA.