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That is not a good thing to do if it is by going into a gun store. Temptation is not something to play with and my new rule is don't play the game anymore. Well we all know rules are going to get broken don't we?
I walked into a pawn shop just to kill some time and enjoy doing it. They had a DW revolver 6" in 357 that really looked in very good + condition. The bluing was very good and the wood grips were as good. The price was $495 which surprised me. I asked to see it and my friend said oh crap you might as well say you just bought another gun. I lol. I checked the barrel and it had a shine and no imperfections. The trigger feel was really nice even in DA. The lock up was very tight also. All in all it seemed like a really good gun but I really don't know much about DW revolvers or their pricing so I passed on it. The pawn shop had some really rough really old way over priced Colt revolvers mostly small caliber and they wanted as much or more than for the DW.
I went home and searched for DW revolvers and found the price at the pawn shop was in range for many of them on gun sales sites. I have read mostly good reviews on them and learned CZ bought and took over DW name.
Anyway I came away sticking to my guns I already have. It is just fun checking out guns especially when the store is right next to where I am shopping. I guess if I had found the DW was a great price I might have gone back and bought it. I came away beating temptation this time when I choose to just kill some time.

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Ask my wife.....

She will tell ya...
I am the worlds biggest time killing machine...

She says I can smell a GunnShop or a Pawn Shop , miles away.

Even when Im not in the market for anything in particular(which is my MO), I can look at guns for hours, ...

Thats how I have come by most of my guns... you know...."that one just jumped out at me"..:cool:

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