Hypocrites fighting Trump

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    Perhaps the demorats and republiscums alike need to explain why citizens are suffering for Trump trying to actually take action while past presidents only talked about what needed to be done. Peeonuslosi seems to have Alzheimer's because she can't remember her fellow demorat presidents talked all for stopping illegal immigration. But here is Trump wanting to take action to do exactly what past presidents talked about but did nothing to make happen and she wants to say Trump is all wrong and being inhumane to illegals. She seems to not grasp Trump is not against legal immigration just illegal immigration.
    The US pays out over 33 billion a year to aid illegal immigrants in this country but peeonuslosi can't seem to do the math to understand a $6 billion fence is much cheaper and would save the US tax payers a lot of hard earned money. But no, she doesn't care if federal workers go to bed hungry. I bet if her paycheck was cut off then she might feel the heat is on her as well. If nothing else she is a traitor to the citizens. People need wake up to just what Pelosi's real agenda is in prolonging this government shut down over a fence to keep illegals from storming our borders.
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    They use certain topics as political footballs. Both sides do it. Trump wants to end the practice to force Congress to actually do something for the people.

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    Explain why?
    Here is why... 95,000 illegals can vote for the Dem's AGAIN is why.
    And that's only here in Texas...
    Soooo, we don't need no stinking wall.
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    I have a question. Why when Trump temporarily ended the government shutdown was Pelosi shown with all the pens signing the deal instead of Trump?
    That was the first time I ever saw the Speaker of the House signing instead of the president. They are putting all attention on Pelosi to make it look like she running this country. She made the statement not long ago that she had more power than the president. They sure are going out of their way to make it look that way.
    Trump better do something and quick or he will be under the circle and even a lame duck will be paddling over his head.
    Our country is in big trouble right now and if the deep state isn't stopped right now then this country will be boiling very soon. Somehow the fire has to be doused.
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    He looks defeated Buster. I'm talking about how he actually looked. They got to him, they understood what would. By 2020 Jimmy Carter will finally be off the hook.
    Trump is 1 and out.

    And if the Dems go with Bloomberg the country will look even worse than under Hillary.
    He makes Trump look like he's on welfare he's so wealthy and he controls a vast media empire.

    Remember when he banned soda's at the ball games when he was mayor of New York city and said poor people should not have the right to own firearms because they were to stupid.
    Even most Jews are afraid of that socialist commie.
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    Watching the SOTUA I couldn't help but notice the democraps had only one thing in mind....make it all political and to hell with what the sensible thing would be for the country. I am so sick of this political crap holding back what needs to be done. Instead of investigating Trump for what he didn't do they should expose Hillary and Obama for being the real guilty ones. But oh no let the FBI confiscate what could have proved it was the democraps that are guilty instead of Trump. Seems I heard something about tampering and withholding evidence is illegal. I guess it depends who the judges favor.
    I also doubt very seriously that the majority of the country is against building a wall. But that's how the mass media rolls out the mind bending. Just make things up and call them facts.
    I hope Trump does use what's within his presidential authority to build the dang thing and tell the demorats go cry within their own fenced in and guarded homes.