Hurricane season preparations

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    On another family forum, someone was concerned with what to do in the event you are in the path of a hurricane. Are you prepared to deal with your weapons?

    When you are evacuated for a potential hurricane or other natural disaster, do you know what to do?

    I will tell you from years of volunteering with the American Red Cross is if you are evacuated with your weapons, you will be denied from entering any temporary Red Cross shelter. Some believe they should remove their weapons from an evacuated house because of fear the looters will steal them, then the police would now be dealing with armed looters.

    This is a topic that should be discussed with all homeowners who may become evacuated. What will YOU do with your weapons IF you are forced to leave your home?

    Working Safety and Security for the Red Cross, we are prohibited from allowing unsecure weapons in a facility which have as many as 200-300 persons, many of which are small children. We will work with local law enforcement to allow you to secure the weapons in their facility so when the disaster has passed, you will be allowed to take them away. This isn't always guaranteed, so please reach out to your local police department now.

    I understand the concern, so discussing what to do with your weapons beforehand is really important.
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    Thanks for the advice.

    I have never thought about that particular event happening in my area , but , I think that the same scenario could happen here , in the aftermath of a tornado.

    Red Cross always sets up centers for people after a tornado,
    I would probably go to my Sheriff and ask him to secure my weapons for me.( him and I are friends)

    Although I'm prepared for a tornado, I still might need a place to keep them short term.

    Good tip,


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    For us it would be fires that would cause us to evacuate. We dealt with this last year as a very large out of control fire cause massive evacuation near us. There was also looting.
    One thing I'm working on is a gun case for every gun. I keep one crate for every animal in case of an emergency. Yet we didn't have a case for every gun.
    We have evacuation plans here on the ranch. In our area I'm not aware of a problem with having our guns with us BUT we tend to have trailer camps in evacuation area's. So we can just pack them away in our trailer and go.
    Good topic Havasu. I'll be very interested to read what everyone's plans and thoughts are. Maybe help us if we are faced with another evac.
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    In case of hurricane I would stay put because I have seen how the freeways become parking lots. The last evacuation of Houston was a total nightmare. If I had to be evacuated by boat then I will not be worrying about looters or my guns because they would be under water anyway.
    The big hurricane that hit New Orleans the law enforcement was confiscating the guns from people's homes. Many supposedly never did get them back. Damned if you do damned if you don't.
    I haven't checked to see how much wood I had stored for emergency cooking has possibly floated away. The main thing about hurricanes is the flooding can nix many preparations for being safe. I guess I should invest in some kind of boat with water proof compartments for survival items.
    One way to protect guns is by having pvc piping with end caps to seal the guns into. This would work for handguns and rifles.
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    I gotta feel sorry for you and your fellow Texicans. You guys have really caught hell this year with all the flooding and tornadoes. Out here we don't get much rain but when we get it they are gully washers. A lot of the desert has flash flooding and tiny creeks can turn into fatal and fast running rivers within minutes. They spent billions of dollars on the Doplar weather system and the best way to tell if it's raining is to look at the rocks in your yard, if you can see them, and if they are wet, then it's raining. Out here we get excited if they predict 20% chance of rain. Course that also means 80% chance we won't get it, but Lord knows we sure could use some of that rain you get down there. When it rains here, stay out of the desert.

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    Yeah, that was after Katrina. Everyone was still traumatized by the horrors of that storm.
    The mayor of Houston at the time (Bill White) was on TV saying, "everybody get out, get out now". Along with more hype about death and such.
    Panic ensued.
    So EVERYBODY tried to get out, even people that were safe from a storm surge. (That's the dangerous part, the storm surge).
    People died on the jammed up roadways.
    Luckily the storm (Rita I think) turned and missed us and all of the thousands of people stuck on the roads without fuel and overheated vehicles.
    Calling it a total nightmare is putting it lightly.

    When we saw what was happening on the roads we stayed put. We're far enough from the gulf to be fairly safe from a storm surge.
    We have a strong building to hunker down in so we stock up and stay put. Also, we don't put up with looters around these parts.
    We stayed for hurricane Ike, it was kinda exciting till the no power for three weeks part. The excitement wore off pretty quick then....
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    Since I'm prepared ...

    I think all of yall should bring all your guns to me....for safe keeping.:cool: