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    I'm looking for a good bright hunting flashlight for under 50 dollars, good quality and possibly mountable to a 10/22 thanks in advance
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    Rayovac makes a very good small flashlight, I believe it is called the "virtually indestructible". I bought mine at WalMart for under $20. It has two levels of brightness. I was never one that liked Rayovac flashlights but I sure like this one. Mine is over a year old and I am still on the original batteries and I use it almost every day to walk the dog etc. The way the casing is made it is pretty much indestructible.
    Here is the Rayovac site. I believe mine is the 120/19 lumen but I see they have a 250 lumen light that looks similar only brighter lumen. Mine at the bright 120 lumen setting work very well seeing across my two acres.
    For an inexpensive light IMO it compares to lights costing over $100.
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