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    LMAO No wonder the pond was good fishing. I was with my wife in a little 10' john boat and we were on the back side of the lake back waters. Geeze I bet I saw a dozen snakes moving across the cove waters with their heads about a foot above the water. That made science fiction horror movies go through my mind.
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    Coming back from a raccoon hunt before dawn one morning. I had a sack of coons we had bagged that night and an old single shot 22 rifle. My father in law was following with the dogs on a lead. We had just crossed an area that had several low mounds in it. Local legend had it that they were old indian burial grounds and were haunted.

    There was a field between the mounds and the truck that was planted in new wheat. The full moon was hanging low in the sky. I was just a few feet into the field when the "ghosts" got me! There was a kind of whirring, fluffing noise and I felt the "ghosts" touching my body.

    My father in law said he heard me scream, and could see the moon between the top of the wheat and the bottom of my feet. The rifle was flying off in one direction and the sack of coons in another. The air was full of birds. I had stepped right into a covey of quail!