How to shoot more accurately

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    Does this sound familiar? I aim and I have the bulls eye in my sights but for some reason I am shooting everywhere but where my sights were targeted. I often have a fairly close pattern cluster showing I am consistent in my shooting but it isn't where I was aiming. Dang I am good at repeating my mistakes. I got the push-pull-drop shooting going on real good.
    A short video for new shooters and even poor shooters to become a more accurate shooter.
    Like the guy says in the video it isn't easy but it is simple. Sometimes it isn't easy being simple. Okay no smarty comments on that.

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    Good video buster, thanks for sharing. He's right about how alot of instructors train, the quicker you pull the trigger the less time you have to let your mind mess you up.

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    What Rob fails to mention is this video is recoil or what we call muzzle flip. He was using a lighter caliber weapon in this video. I have seen him shoot at Rio Salado and his style is different that what he emphasizes on this video. Rio Salado is where the world's top shooters come to Az. to shoot their contests. When using a .45cal for competition, they all use light loads, including Jerry Miculek. I live approximately 15 miles from Rio Salado and when they start the competition shoots, you can hardly get close to the place. You have to go EARLY in the morning and they shoot all day. Rob regrets that he has never had a chance to shoot against Miculek but would like to. Miculek has an ego that runs out of this world!!! BUT he can shoot!!!!

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