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    My 'minimal gunner' friend (he has one gun, a 9x19 pistol) brought over some .22LR ammo his deceased dad had stored in the cellar a few decades back. I had forgotten the labeling Remington used to use. In one box of Remingtons the case heads have a large U in the center, surrounded by Hi SPEED. the box states that the ammo has non-corrosive Kleanbore Priming. The box of Super X is Western Super X, and states prominently:
    Superior Accuracy
    Positive Functioning
    40 Gr. Lubaloy Coated Bullet
    Special Dry Wax Lubricant

    I'm thinking that .22 rimfire ammo used to be a 'bigger deal'.
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    You have a great find there. I still have some old Winchester Super X .22 shells on hand, maybe about 400. Remington and Kleen -bor are the same type of ammo and we used to buy it by the brick for $7.95. My ammo still shoots good after all these years and I sure wouldn't be afraid of those Remingtons. Good for you!!!!!


    Forgot to tell you- in one of my old loading boxes I found a half a box of Peters .22 rounds. Now how old do you think those may be?
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    I still have some bricks of Peters in my 22 lr stash!
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    My sister gave me a box of Peters shorts,also an old box of Federal. She found them in her house and has no use for them so she gave them to me.