How Quickly A State Can Change...(Good Or Bad)

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    I just thought I would put this out there for discussion. Right after Newtown high capacity magazines disappeared from dealers shelves all over the country, as people rushed in a mad flurry to grab them up before a potential "ban", real or imaginary, could become law.

    Now that all of Hussein's attempts at gun control have failed, people, (shooters & gun owners), are once again falling into a false sense of security. High capacity magazines are becoming available once again at very good prices and quantities. It seems gun owners have once again become complacent.

    This in spite of the fact gun owners in Connecticut, New York, Colorado, and many counties of other states have all but forever lost their right to purchase these magazines, and some like New York, have or soon will, lose the right to even own them. People quickly forget just how fast the political climate can change in a state. Colorado is a perfect example. Arizona another, but in the opposite direction.

    Go back just a few years and Arizona was faced with Janet Napolitano as governor. She was rabidly anti gun. She was installing traffic cameras everywhere throughout the state. And wanted to install thousands more. She was quickly turning out to be Arizona's worst nightmare.

    Then after Hussein was elected in 2008, he summoned her to head up the Department Of Homeland Security, and in a flash she was gone....Thank God. We now have Jan Brewer who is a tremendous supporter of the Second Amendment. She removed all of the speed cameras from our roads, and bolstered the Second Amendment even further by signing the right to carry, either concealed or open, without a permit.

    Our change was for the better. However Colorado went the other way. They were once the bastion of guns, hunting, and freedom that accompanied all of it. But in came the liberals, along with their convoluted way of thinking, and now Colorado has some of the worst gun control laws in the country. The exact opposite of Arizona.

    The point being is don't get too comfortable with your states laws and government that currently exists. Because it can change for the worse much faster than you think. Especially when border states like Texas and Arizona have such a large influx of minorities in the form of illegal invaders moving in on a never ending basis. Most all of them will vote Democratic. That can change the political climate quicker than one could imagine. And it won't be for the better.

    Based on that I'm surprised high capacity magazines are still not flying off the shelves faster than they are. The right to buy this type of magazines could be in far more jeopardy then one might think.
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    Politicians change their attitudes depending on pressure and which side the bread is buttered,just look at John McCain,he use to seem pro-gun,now not so much.