How much scope windage is normal

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    I have a 3 x 9 x 40 with a 1 inch tube. It is on a rifle and when mounted, the rifle shot about 4" to the right at 25 yards. I got it to shoot to point of aim only by maxing out the windage and finally shimming the scope. The scope had 44 clicks of windage full left to right. I have looked on several MFG websites and do not see the amount of windage or elevation adjustment on almost any scope listed regardless of manufacturer. I suspect the mount or the received mounting is not fully in line with the barrel.
    Still wondering what is a normal or expected amount of windage clicks ( 1/4 per click) on a typical scope? Any ideas or does anyone know what a scope they have has in windage adjustments fully from one side to another?
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    I don't really have an answer for that question. I've never had to go more than about 8 or 10 clicks. The only time I was way off, I took everything off and remounted it, then I was closer. My thought is, if you got the scope at LGS, take it to them. The can probably boresight it real quick and find out if there's any problems. Some big box stores will do that for you also.

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    At one time i had trouble mounting a 3x9x40 Redfield on my 7mm magnum. I set up a bench mount, made sure my mounting brackets were in the correct position and tightened down correctly. Then I pointed my rifle at a 100 yard target with the bolt out and tried to line it up on the target. I positioned my scope then so I could see the 100 yard marker through my scope. I would keep checking the line of bore from the rifle and then to the scope. Then I would fire one round and physically check the measurement of the bullet, go back and check to see where the scope was lined up. I found that one of my scope mounts had loosened up and had to re tightened it. It took 2 of us to make sure that we had the right alignment. I was shooting to the right. I then lined up my scope again and fired one more round. It had hit the target although off a few inches. My adjustments were very small. You have to start out in the middle of the scope and make adjustments accordingly. Of course this was over 25 years ago we did this however the scope did hold and I took 4 elk with that rifle. I was using a Redfield wide angle scope at the time. Maybe this may be of a help, I dunno for sure. Good luck!!!!

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    What kind and type of rifle ? AR, LA, Semi Auto, Bolt action?
    What kind and type of scope mounts and rings ?

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    Try getting the rings lapped.