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How do you wear your holster

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Savageguy brought up a topic that I have been thinking about for some time now. I am right handed and carry a SR1911LW in a OWB, calf skin leather holster. I had it made it Phoenix for $65.00 and it fits me very well. I am thinking of having a cross draw holster made so I can draw my .45 faster The reason you ask? Seatbelts. I drive 2 model A Fords that I installed lap belts in for safety and my 1979 Lincoln has the over the shoulder belt with the lap belt. In our area we have had some BG's that shoot as you pass by. Presently I cannot draw out my pistol in a hurry if I had to as the holsters are held down by the seat belts. I want to talk to my holster guy and get his thoughts (pros & cons) and if he built one, what would be the best angle to mount the belt line on. With a cross draw holster I would have the ability to unholster my weapon in case of need and in a faster motion. What kind of holster do you use and what are your thoughts on a cross draw holster? One thing to note is I carry my pistol concealed. I had a terrible accident 1 1/2 years ago so I have to wear a T-shirt all the time and our winters here are mild compared to some of you folks, I wear a vest or jacket, so it is concealed then too. Any and all thoughts and ideas are greatly appreciated!!!

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I always pocket carry. In winter its fine in the car but summer presents a problem. Fortunately Chevy was thoughtful enough to put a cubby in the console of my vehicle, that fits an Lc9s in a pocket holster. Have you ever considered a Remora, Tommy? My Pops (81 years old) uses a Remora, because it allows him to change the position of his SR9c depending on if he's standing or sitting. At his age, and Mom is now partly disabled, he feels vulnerable, and that Remora really lets him carry basically however he wants to in order to protect the both of them. And he said he wore it driving from Iowa all the way to the Rio valley in Texas last year and it was never a problem.
The only conclusion I can think of having a cross draw is muscle memory. How long have you been carrying your 1911 on your right side? It seems very natural after a few years to instinctively reach for where you normally carry. But, OTOH, if you can't get your gun out fast enough, it's no good. Have you considered having another gun that stayed in your vehicle?
I have considered of having another gun in my car however my Model A pick-up doesn't have the ability to lock and secure the doors on either side. The inside of a pickup is very small as men of that era tended to be of much smaller stature. Also, you can break into a Model A pretty easily if you know how to do it, for example, pulling out the windshield. The seating is also small because it has no pockets on the seat or on the doors. They were built for utility usage. But thanks for your thoughts.

Hey Tommy.

I use a shoulder holster if I do extensive driving.

A comfortable well adjusted shoulder rig is not impaired at all by a seatbelt

I use the CCW Ultra Concealed Carry Shoulder Holster from Gunner Security

After you train and practice with it, it is so comfortable and so concealed at the same time that you can forget you are armed. And with practice it is a very fast draw.

And it can be worn with regular shirts as well so even in the summer you don't have to leave it in the car.

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How about carrying a back up gun? An LCP in an ankle holster?
Have been looking into cross draw (frontal carry just off center) for a while. Have one on order now from R Grizzle for a HK P2000sk. Wanted this type for hiking. It allows an adjustable cant which is exactly what I wanted. I considered a Mitch Rosen CCR as it's designed expressly for car usage.
I would say the shoulder holster but I never figured how to position it that the butt didn't push out the jacket let alone a shirt thus causing no doubt I was concealing something{ gun}.

Isn't there a way to mount a box to the front of the driver seat to hold the gun? Couldn't you mount a cloth pouch to the front of the seat? I am thinking you surely can come up with some idea for making a holder for the gun while driving. There are many magnetic gun holders available for in cars now.

I am really surprised Tommy that you actually drive your Model A as a daily driver. What did your wife drive before you got the Lincoln?

My Impala as well as my Silverado have door pockets where I put my gun if I don't want to carry in my jeans front pocket. I get out of the vehicle and remove gun from door pocket into my jeans pocket.

IMO Even a cross draw holster would more than likely have the seat belt in the way of easy unhampered draw.
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I would say the shoulder holster but I never figured how to position it that the butt didn't push out the jacket let alone a shirt thus causing no doubt I was concealing something{ gun}.
I know what you mean Buster.

I have lost track of how many ill fitted shoulder rigs I have seen.

I think it comes from people thinking they are about the same.

It takes a while to find on that is just right for you. There are lots of factors and variables.

Once you have found the one for you, and have it fitted properly, it is a thing of beauty.

This is the one I have settled in on and surprisingly it is less than $50 .. the one I had for many years was well over $100 , can't remember exactly now.

Here is how it is worn:

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The problem with the shoulder rig is our heat out here in the summertime can become unbearable. It is not unusual for temps to hit 115 degrees. That's the reason I ONLY wear a T-shirt.

I am really surprised Tommy that you actually drive your Model A as a daily driver. What did your wife drive before you got the Lincoln?
My wife drives her 2006 Scion which is basically her car. She can't take the heat as well as I can however when it starts hitting 105 the misery sets in. I took one of my heat gauges and checked the pavement temp just to see what it is. During the mid summer months our ground temp hits 140. There is just no way for it to dissipate.

Have you consider getting a couple of cheaper holsters and mounting them in the vehicles? Then when you go somewhere slip your fire in the holster in the car and when you leave the car slip it back into your holster on your side. Makes it accessible at all times and you don't have to worry about someone breaking into your car and stealing your truck gun.

You have raised a great point. In the Corps I had to learn to shoot left and right handed in case I was hit in my strong side right arm. Today I only carry on the right side. Consequently, when driving I haw the disadvantage you mention. The seat belt limits my access to my gun.

My solution is a steering wheel column holster. Here is a link to check it out:

I holster my gun in it when I enter my car and remove my gun when I exit the car.

It might be the solution you are looking for.
I wore a shoulder holster under a light open front short sleeve shirt. Wasn't that bad, with no air conditioning I see yore problem below 55mph. :cool:

You my friend have come up with a great idea. I can buy a couple of Uncle Mike's holsters and mount them on the column. I may have to finagle to come up with a mount for the Lincoln but I can figure something out. The Uncle Mike's or something similar can be mounted with straps or some kind of double sided tape, carry my pistol there and when I get out of one of the cars, mount it in my side holster. I love that idea!!! One of the guys had mentioned an ankle holster but in the summertime all I wear is shorts and I want to carry concealed. Thank you so much for that idea! I appreciate the heck out of it and will get to work on it. The nice part is carrying the pistol on the column when driving and when exiting, put it in my side carry holster. That is fantastic!!!

Tommy: "in the summertime all I wear is shorts and I want to stay concealed."

Depends on how long the pant legs are.
Tommy, tie raps would probably work better than tape because of the weight.;)
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