How are you Texans doing?

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  1. phideaux

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    I know we have some Texas guys and gals on here,

    I want to know if the flooding and tornadoes are adversely affecting you.

    How so?

    If yall need some help , can you let us know,

    Maybe we cant help a lot , but maybe we can help some.

    I know if this was hitting my family, I would appreciste it,

  2. DoubleR

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    I two would like to know. Y'all are in our prayers!

  3. MagBlackhawk

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    We are OK here just south of Houston.

    The Brazos river is at about 6.8 feet above flood level according to the last report I got. Some areas close to us are evacuating. We should be OK as our area should not flood. All or most of the rivers near and north of Houston are flooded. buster40c, are you OK over there west of Houston?

    They are evacuating in Wharton because the Colorado is rising. That is a smallish town about 50 miles S W of Houston.

    Have seen the news about evacuations around other S E Texas areas.

    I think Dallas got slammed with more rain and flooding. Not sure, Dallas is a long way from us and local news reports our area the most.

    But the people that got it the worst are in the Blanco area.(As far as river flooding.) Houses floating down the flooded river with family's in them. Blanco is located north of San Antonio and west of Austin. That area is part of what we call the hill country. Flash floods are not uncommon there. So they had little or no warning.

    Prayers are in order for all. But I can't imagine what it's like in Blanco Texas tonight.
  4. buster40c

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    Doing ok here. The water has mostly drained off thanks to two days of sunshine. It did rain off and on last night but it was only short periods of rainfall.
    Will see what happens Saturday and possibly Sunday. They are calling for 60% rain and possible heavy storms at that. Does anyone know what weather the farmers almanac predicted for month of May in Texas?
    The news is saying this is the worst storm to hit the area in over 30 years with some areas got 10" of rain. Well I believe it was in 94 we had 23" of rain in 24 hours in my county which is next to Houston Harris county. My whole area was like a lake and I couldn't even get out. One bridge was totally washed away leaving only the concrete pillars standing. Another bridge you couldn't even see because the water was about 3' over the road. If I ever get that much rain again my house will be flooded for sure because neighbors have raised their properties up damming water flow now. I bought flood insurance now because of that.
    I am supposed to pick up my Python Saturday at LGS which is on outskirts of Houston. The rain is supposed to start coming in around 1P.M. so I hope I get in and out of there before that.
    I just pray this next storm breaks up quick if it doesn't pass us by. If this storm sits on us like the last one did then we will be so screwed. Some areas are calling for evacuation due to the rivers coming out of their banks now. I will not be effected by that. The Brazos river is maybe at closest 12 miles from me.
    Magnum if you watch the maps on news reports look for the county shaped like a backwards 7 next to Harris county. That is Waller county and I am just below where the horizontal top leg meets the lower vertical leg of the 7.
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  5. MagBlackhawk

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    I have been thru your area a few times.
    Nice wooded country living close to the city but far enough away to feel a little Mayberryish.

    We went down to see the Brazos river at FM1462 just before sundown. It's out of the banks and moving fast. Quite a light show in the sky with the thunderstorms booming.
  6. buster40c

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    Yep Saturday night we had a short lived storm. My rain gauge showed we got just under another inch of rain. I sure was glad the storm was moving fairly quick or I could have had it bad again. Today is bright sunny skies. Horay! If we can go at least a week of clear skies and 90 degree heat we could actually get dried out.
    Houston was crying the dark side but Houston didn't have near the problems to the west of us had. Those people really got clobbered bad.
    I guess we don't have to many members from out in those areas. I know we have a few from around S.A. but I hadn't seen any posts from them in a long time. I know we have a few members from Dallas area as well and Dallas areas got hit hard also. I believe that dam that was close to breaking was up around Dallas.
  7. Tommycourt

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    I just hope you and Magnum are out of the worst of it. NO ONE needs the kind of grief that floods bring to an area. Worst part is after the storm is the clean up of all the gook and crap it leaves behind. Back in the early 50's my folks were in a flood and I remember looking at our basement steps and I saw my dads old ball glove floating around in an old pan he had thrown it in. And the smell of everything rotten. Just hope you guys come out of it and both in fine shape. My best to the both of you.