Home Invasion Decision

Discussion in 'Second Amendment and Legal' started by threetango, Oct 22, 2014.

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    Wow! Thanks for posting this. :/ Unbelievable. Shaking my head. Guess it's something to keep in mind for sure.

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    I've seen this article before. And today I got it again in an e-mail from USCCA. I'm not only a member but I'm also on their mailing lists as well. and this is good to know. I also have a dog. And he's our first line of defense. He barks at anything that is around our home. So if their is someone around our home he's going to be barking up a storm and letting us know that there is something going on. And that will give me time to find out if it's a real threat or not. And so far most of the time he barks there's been no threats. Just people walking down the street or people coming to the door to talk or try to sell us something. Or people leaving a party that's been on our street and they parked their cars in front of our house. But I still stay prepared just in case.
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    I think we need to rethink this war on drugs, it appears to me the war has killed more people than the drugs.