Holster Review: SHTF GEAR's ACE-1 Hybrid IWB for your Ruger LCP!

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    Should, a person look at the gun magazines and those firearms discussion forums that
    have holster sections. One will see that there seems to be an abundance of "Hybrid"
    holster reviews and advertisements, along with posts by would -be satisfied customers.

    For some information on what is called a Hybrid holster:
    Most Hybrid holsters usually use a kydex holster shell that's molded to a particular
    semi-auto or revolver, combined with a cowhide or horsehide platform in which
    the kydex shell is riveted or otherwise attatched.

    Unlike some IWB (inside the waistband) holsters that have a clip or loops directly on the
    face of the holster. Most Hybrids use an opposing loop or clip method..where these are
    anchored on either end of the holster backing, but some of them only use one loop/clip.

    The basic Hybrid IWB holster design is abundant on the internet through makers and
    also Ebay. Some are excellent, while others seem to be made in a dark
    garage or basement,..and are total crap!

    One company that's been putting out quality Hybrid holsters and other gear for the concealed
    carry market is SHTF GEAR.. of Logan, Utah.

    Clay Moultrie, and his crew offer an ever expanding line of holsters, mag pouches and
    even t-shirts.

    Many of his customers (like me) rave about how good his products are on forums, and also post on the official SHTF Gear- Facebook page.

    My first Hybrid- came from SHTF,
    but I've ventured out and have bought some other less than stellar quality brands along

    In the case of a SHTF holster: their ACE-1 (Always Combat Effective) holster shell is secured by rivets, and
    also with the addition of stitching with Kevlar thread.

    Very strong and very unique!

    Some makers offer their holsters with screws or other hardware to attatch the kydex shell,
    but in the case of the riveted ACE-1 holster.

    I see that is probably.. 4 or more screws to come undone along the way of every day carry.

    SHTF GEAR holsters also feature a high tab on the actual leather platform..
    that has come to be called by most holster companies a "sweat shield" that protects
    your body (and body acids) from the gun, especially- those with safety levers.

    My SHTF GEAR ACE-1 Hybrid for my Ruger KLCR .357 Magnum has been superb for
    the duration of carry that I've subjected it to since March, of this year!

    (My Review: http://www.defensivecarry.com/forum...-your-lcr-shtf-gear-ace-1-holster-winner.html)

    As you can see.. it did/does have the option of using both loops and clips.
    New Loops:

    Both work well unless I use a double thick belt with the loops, but SHTF does
    offer various sizes of loops, including and updated set of loops in a synthetic

    The new SHTF GEAR loops (according to Clay) are made out of a coated webbing material , and designed to be trimmed
    by the user once the proper size has been determined.

    These new loops offer more adjustments than the leather loops,
    and I really like that idea.

    As for the holster itself. I did specify to Clay, that I wanted a LCP with CT Laserguard
    holster for review. What arrived in the clearly identified STHF GEAR white box,
    was marked LCP lasermax on the holster tag and the invoice as well.

    My new LCP in .380 is no powerhouse.

    However, 15 years of working the streets with a
    heavy duty belt..
    and even more years concealing Magnums and steel framed guns has left me with
    a bad back.

    The LCP serves as an even lighter alternative to my 9mm RAMI and KLCR
    .357 on days when I really can't carry much of a gun.

    Adding a Crimson Trace laserguard contributed only an ounce more to the small auto, so
    that's not really a problem.

    However..I was worried about my LCP/CT laser not fitting the holster.. but after it arrived and was quickly assembled with the clips,
    it fit like a glove!
    Coming standard with the black clips, it seemed quite a bit smaller than the RAMI
    Hybrid that I have from another company. (That's only because SHTF doesn't offer
    a RAMI holster quite yet! ) Well, the new SHTF Hybrid with it's kevlar stitching and
    perfectly modled holster shell.. seemed to fit right in with the RAMI and KLCR holsters!


    I should point out that SHTF GEAR is 100% American made, and they proudly display that
    fact on their box and plastic bag packaging, of which there is an American flag decal.

    The holster backing or main platform is made of American cowhide.
    No doubt the Kydex shell and the hardware are also made in the USA.

    One of the biggest reasons for Hybrid popularity is that they are very Comfortable.

    The weight of the holstered pistol or revolver is evenly distributed by the clips or loops,
    and the holster shell is slimmer in your waistband, due to the absence of an attachment
    on the front of it.

    Week One:

    In having worn this particular holster for over week. - I had to report little to no problems.

    COSTCO and WAL-MART carry with little worry about printing.

    Spare LCP .380 magazine in matching black G&G single mag case.

    It's Very slim for an IWB holster and the new loops with the allen head screws for
    attatching them are working out great!

    SHTF holsters are a joy to wear for many hours with total comfort, or at least in my case.

    A covered trigger guard..but ample room for you to draw your gun when holstered.

    The ACE-1 is both very fast, but also quite secure.

    As with most Hybrid IWB holsters without an adjustment screw, the holster works to secure your
    pistol or revolver by tension inside your waistband.

    I'm not going to do somersaults..or any other such moves
    with a loaded gun at my age, but have found my KLCR holster to be secure for my
    daily travels, and this LCP holster to be the same.

    Week Two:

    After almost two weeks of carry, I've adjusted the ACE-1 so that it sits lower in
    my waistband, but also allows me a somewhat full draw. I've also trimmed the new style
    loops and the entire rig is working out well.

    As some IWBs leave you poking around in your waistband to finally be able to seat your gun.
    I like the kydex shell to ride a bit high so I can re-holster quite easier.

    For those of you that are curious about this holster and other models from SHTF GEAR.

    I must note that SHTF holster (according to their website) are indeed tuckable, but I
    never use that mode of carry.

    You do get the option of different belt loops or clips when you place an order.

    They offer a wide array of holsters and other items for the discriminating buyer
    to choose from.

    Any interested party can purchase a holster or accessory either from the main
    SHTF GEAR website, or on Amazon.com

    Now after almost 2 1/2 weeks of constant carry, there is no sign of wear on the
    holster, or more importantly (as some people have reported with some kydex) any
    wear or marring of the finish of my LCP's slide.
    The Boston Red Sox, might not win the World Series in October, but SHTF holsters are a home run
    in any season!

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    Thanks for viewing.

    Until next time!