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Holster purchase.

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Well in response to the demander in chief's inauguration I purchased a gun accessory today. This purchase was the fobus e2 paddle holster. It's my first paddle holster. I have always used a belt holster that sits lower than the fobus holster I purchased does so I'm sure ill have to alter my draw. Has anyone had experiences with these?

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Paddle Holster

I use one under steering column of my truck when on long drives!


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Man I'm definately copying that. I've never seen someone do that before.
Replaced belt with large zip tie to hold it tight.
I have a Fobus paddle holster for my Bersa and it works great for under a jacket.
Im pretty heavy set and I find paddle holsters dont work so well for gentlemen. Wish they did cause I like them. At least I liked the ones I tried and none of them worked well for me. They all leaned out and away from my body and showed too much bulge under my cover up.
I am going to have to try the steering colum thing though. Thats so cool.
After trying mine on I really like it. I definitely need a heavy belt though. I thought that with the paddle holster I wouldn't need to wear a thick belt, but it helps a lot. I'm heavier, but I don't think that this holster sticks out too much lol. I'm on a diet anyway so hopefully it will get even better :D
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