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    Anyone know of any good ambi holsters that will fit the sr9c with the viridian C5L light/laser combo installed? I would like to have a spare mag pocket on it too. I'm left handed and the only thing I can find from viridian is for right ganders.
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    Ambi holster?

    If you mean left-handed holster, I imagine Raven Concealment and Bravo Concealment offer kydex lefty light-bearing holsters.
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  3. Cousin_Eddie_

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    By ambi I meant it can be switched to either left or right handed. I'm a lefty but my wife is a righty. I'll check out those 2 companies. Thanks.
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    Try psholsters.com
    I bought a model 035 and it is ambi and even can be IWB or OWB. I am left handed and I wear mine L/owb. I paid around $18 for it and it is well built and has held up very well for over 5 years. It is leather that you can run belt through and also a steel belt clip. It had been my CC holster till I got my LCR that fits inside my jeans front pocket. It will hold my LCR also if I want to use it. I carried my SR40C in this holster when it was my main CC gun.
    What I like about it is that it fits just about any gun you want to shove into it. I have used small to full size guns with it. Semi auto or revolvers. The XDM with the bigger squared trigger guard fit the least as the square guard fit to tight in holster.
    I found mine at a LGS and I bought 2 others at a pawn shop for two guys at work that wanted one also. I have seen NRA selling them for much more $$ but they have NRA emblem.
    You can buy you and your wife each one for little amount of $$ total.
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