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First the farmers fields became like lakes flooding crops away. So then the farmers that finally got into fields for late planting just got either buried in snow or those that escaped the snow got frozen out instead killing more plants. Harvests that would have taken place in just a matter of weeks are for the most part gone. Because of this latest unreal weather crops planted for early sprig harvests likely will not even get planted now. So don't expect food prices next year to come back down. It is estimated crop losses will top well over 50% so expect wheat, corn, potato and most anything made from crops to see prices poke holes n the roof.
Many people following world wide weather manipulation can plainly see the bazaar weather destroying crops is not caused by a fickle mother nature. It's called Agenda 21.
Well now it's hard for mass media fake news to claim weather manipulation by comtrails is just conspiracy BS since mass media has themselves now stated comtrails are real and are used for weather modification. So those tic tac toe chemtrails really aren't flight pattern contrails. So put that in your conspiracy BS pipe and smoke it. Oh that's right your main source of information mass media fake news just took your conspiracy BS pipe away.

Agenda 21 resemblig the movie Mad Max Thunderdome could become a reality sooner than later. LMAO All to save the planet from over population. Yep wipe out billions of people so the planet can be saved. If that makes sense to anyone then they are the people that need psychiatric help not me. Talk about wiping out your customer base there it is. LMAO The elite will be killing each other to be the king on the then molehill. Bill Gates could be sitting on the throne.
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