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    [range report added]

    Just picked up my new Hi-Point .40 S&W carbine Tuesday, cleaned and played with it yesterday.

    Y'know, this thing is not nearly as ugly as the Hi-Point pistols. Sheet metal shrouds the zinc alloy receiver parts from view. I have stared at pictures of ARs and AKs long enough to become acclimatized to run-of-the-mill ugly anyway. (Yeah, I actually held an AR once while studying it.)

    It is supposed to warm up to 50° or so tomorrow, so I can take it to the range. I've played with it enough to know the controls - that recoil spring is some rugged!).

    Photos with the range report, I hope.

    [I confess I bought this gun because I have a lot of .40 S&W components to mess with. Soon we will know if the result is serendipity or yet another screw-up.]


    Got to the range this morning. Temp in the 20s instead of the 60s that were there last Friday. I overslept, had no time.

    Anyway, the gun shoots nice, both with factory ammo and my reloads. It was apparently sighted in at the factory, because it was 'right on' at 25 yards. What recoil there is (there is a little) is straight back, very little muzzle lift. Feeding was flawless with both magazines. I'm thinking I will have some fun with it next summer.

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  2. buster40c

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    Hi Point takes some flack but most all reviews I have read by owners say they actually are very good guns.

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    Congrats VT,

    I don't think you will be unhappy.

    I bought one a few years ago , and it has never malfunctioned, darn accurate out to 50 yrds,
    40 and 45 pistol calibers, are fun out of long barrels.

    I do not shoot it much, but I is a tough machine.

    Mine is 45 acp


  4. ChrisKles

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    Nothing but nice things to say about mine, also in .45 acp. Never have had a misfeed or failure of any kind. ImageUploadedByRuger Forum1453920182.121125.jpg
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    Hi-Point had magazine problems early on, according to Internet 'comments' a year or two back. My .40S&W carbine has functioned flawlessly, but I've only put about 50 rounds through it. Only thing I don't like about it is the stock, which is too short. Puts my cheek on the rise in back of the receiver, so it gets 'bumped' with every shot. Not painful (it's a pistol cartridge fer cripesake) but messes up the latter half of a double tap. I need to open up the hole in the peep sight too, can't see enough of the target through it. I installed the BSA red dot Hi-Point sells. The parallax at short range (the papers say it is set at 50 yards) is pretty extreme, so looks like the peep needs to stay mounted. I want to easily see the dot through the peep.

    I bought a bipod that will supposedly swap between a rail and a sling lug. Hope to use it on the Hi-Point to lob some rounds out to the 100 yard butt. And put it on the RAR .22-250 for 'serious' paper punching.

    Y'know, Tchaikovsky composed a symphony that fits; called it "Winter Dreams".