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Hi, I'm john709

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Hello from Manhattan, Kansas. Just signed up for this Forum and have enjoyed reading what other 2nd amendment supporters have to share. Absolutley enjoy the gun pictures posted by Ruger Talk Forum members. Take pride in my firearms also. Have shot since I was a kid and have enjoyed it my entire life.
I amd 67 years old, been retired for 1 year. I am a Believer, Husband, Father, Brother, Cousin, Friend, Conservative, NRA Member and Blessed. With Respect, john709 :)

. :-
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Welcome to the forum, john!
Welcome to RugerTalk,

Thanks for joining.


Welcome to the forum. There are many threads to put up your gun pics and we do like seeing pics.
Welcome to our forum and our family!
We're happy to have you! Jump in and enjoy! :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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