Hi from Sunny Phoenix , AZ . HAH

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  1. Sorcerer

    Sorcerer Sorcerer

    Well lets see , who am I ? I'm married for 36 yrs . Kids are grown up , wife wishes I was .:p
    I like to target shot any of my pistols or rifles . I have just completed my Ruger build ( Custom) 10/22 . I reload 9mm , 45 ACP , 223 . I make leather sheaths " Sorcerer Leather Works " for my knife builds and holsters / belts and other leather stuff . I make / customize knives " B.A.D. Blades "
    I used to build Street Rods and Motorcycles .
    , but health issues have caused an inability to continue the car /MC hobbies .

    Wife and I love dogs and cats and have rescued many over the years .
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  2. Tommycourt

    Tommycourt Tommycourt

    Welcome from a fellow Zonie. I live in East Mesa and it's nice to see a fellow Arizonan on the thread. Reloader 54 is also on and he lives in Tempe. I very well know the story of building cars and bikes. I used to do the same thing. Now all I have is 2 Model A Fords and 1 88 Vette(had to take it on trade for another A I had) I hope you enjoy this site as we have a lot of fun on here and a bunch of good guys and gals to chat with. Ain't it wonderful that summer is already here!!! 112 here today for temp.

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    Welcome to the forum. Maybe you can get together with some other forum members in AZ for some shooting parties.
    One thing about the forum is more than likely it is cool when you come visit.
    I am like you in that I gave up on having cars I had to keep working on. Guns are so much cleaner to work on and can do it in the comfort of in the house.
    I have to say I did rebuild my 9n tractor engine in my living room before I had carpeting in it. Oh and my basket case Harley was spread over half my kitchen at one time. Only a single guy can get away with that.
  4. Tommycourt

    Tommycourt Tommycourt

    Years ago when I was building bikes, I had a big, big, house with a living room that was almost 30x40 and had 2 small kids. They used to ride with me. I would put them on the tank and they would hold on the the bar on the handlebars and laugh and giggle when we rode around. We never went fast but (maybe 25mph) but they didn't care. I was living in Iowa at the time and had a really Sh***y garage and I wanted to rebuild my scoot. Part of our living room wasn't carpeted so I laid out a bunch of cardboard and tarps and tore my bike down to the bare frame. My wife went bonkers when I brought it in the house and she asked what was I going to to with THAT! I said I have a little work to do and can't do it in the snow. I completely overhauled the bike (painted it at my buddy's shop) and put it back together. When it was together the kids would sit on it and watch TV and go rrrrrrrrrrrm as if they were riding. That was the only year I got to do that. After that we built a house and I built a 30x30 garage and from there on, my building days were out there. I get a kick out of you doing the same thing. I guess some guys just have priorities in life and they tend to differ with wives. At least it did with mine.
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    Welcome to RugerTalk,

    Thanks for the introduction,,

    Sound s like you have some neighbors on here.

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    Welcome from Texas!

    BTW, My wife wishes I would grow up too.
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    Welcome to the R/T !!